Hiding Spots Are My Friend

How to organize home entryway

Our entryway doesn’t have a closet but it could really use one.  Coats, jackets, scarves, lint brushes, and shoes still need a home or a place to go.  Kids (and adults) don’t always want to take everything to their rooms and many times they’re heading in the door in a hurry.  Or heading out the door in a hurry – either way – it’s nice to have an orderly entryway.   Sometimes it helps to hide things.  Yes, hiding spots are my friend!  No, I’m not above having a hiding spot or two around the house.  When I walk into my home this much it true: if it looks picked up and organized, I feel more relaxed.  When it doesn’t look organized, I see a “To Do List” forming in my head in an instant!

So, what’s my strategy?  Hiding spots.  A special spot for things.  Having a spot for things to go or a home for everything so it can be put away quickly is key to my home organization strategy.

See this little dresser?  It’s not just a dresser next to our entryway.  It’s holding gloves, scarves, lint brushes, hats, lip gloss, handkerchiefs, and many other items you need when walking out the door.  Or walking in the door.  Handy for both.  And, hidden.

How to organize a home

A hiding spot that involves a little slip-cover is even better!  This slip-cover is lined and is covering an old bench.  It’s in our entryway and usually there’s a backpack sitting on top of it, too, but the owner of the backpack is at school.

Organized entryway

I never know what I’ll find under here.  Shoes.  Tennis balls.  Shoe laces.  Dried leaves.  Shin guards.  Smelly, dirty socks.  But it doesn’t matter.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Until I smell it.  If I can smell what’s under there, then we have a problem.

How to organize entrance to home

Jackets, sweaters, and raincoats are all hanging in the kitchen.  A spot for everything but not in the entryway on the floor.

Hiding spots are my friend

Hiding spots are my friend when it comes to home organization.  It’s my little secret.

What’s your secret to keeping the entryway of your home organized?  Do you have a hiding spot?

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    1. Thanks Annie! It does seem that entryways are tricky spots – after a long weekend – like right now – even the hiding spots aren’t working 🙂 but with a home for everything, it won’t take long to get it ship-shape again!


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