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Chair Sale

Chair sale
These chairs are not for sale but ones I’ve re-done.

If you’re a regular reader of Go Gingham, you know I can’t resist picking up a free chair from a street corner.  I love chairs!  Some might even call it a “Chair Obsession” but either way, there are too many chairs around my house and garage right now. So many chairs that I’m having a chair sale tomorrow!  Saturday, May 26th, 2012 at 9am in my front yard (front porch if it’s raining!).  There will be 14 chairs for sale.  Yes, I just counted and that’s how many chairs I need to part with.  The boss (otherwise known as my husband) says $7.00/chair or best offer.  Cash only.

This one is for sale and is a “work in progress.”

The chairs are all in various stages of being fixed up.  Some are further along than others but all are pretty easy fixes.  If you know how to sew or at least handle a staple gun, you’ll be set.

This mess of chairs is for sale. Yes, a musical chair nightmare!

I’ll have coffee in the morning if you show up but bring a mug.  If you know where I live, come by.  If you need my address, send me an e-mail at:

Sara at GoGingham.com or contact me here.

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4 thoughts on “Chair Sale

  1. Instead of a “mess” of chairs, the collective noun should maybe be a “sit” of chairs. Good luck with your sale!

    And I understand totally, I love picking up chairs. We have a surplus in storage in our basement.


    1. That sounds so much better than a mess! Perhaps even too good 😉 Too bad we’re not neighbors because we could be having a joint chair sale. Thanks Heidi.


  2. I, too, collect chairs. They’re irresistible to me — like a person who collects shoes or figurines. Chairs can be fun. Each one has a unique personality and is waiting for me to expose that. I have one in the garage waiting for this summer’s inspiration.


    1. Oh Lili! They are irresistible! I’ll have plenty left to work on even after I get rid of these…I’m down to 11 🙂


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