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Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly Meal Plan

My garden finally got planted and that includes tomato plants which I usually plant with leftover fish scraps from the market when they fillet a fish for me.  The fish didn’t get thawed in time for me to plant them with the tomatoes so I used the fish to make a fish stew instead.  I simply took the frozen fish scraps, covered them with water, brought them to a boil and let them simmer for an hour or so.  Then, I strained the broth for my stew and picked the bigger pieces of salmon from the bones.  Next, I cooked a tiny bit bacon in a large pot and added diced potatoes, carrots, onion, and a bag of frozen corn.  Once these were cooked, I added back to the pot my broth, some baby shrimp and 2 pounds of clams from the seafood market.  It was delicious.

Weekly Meal Plan


Weekly Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Monday,  May 14, 2012 to Sunday, May 20, 2012.

Monday:  pinto beans (from freezer), chicken (leftovers) and cheese burritos on whole grain tortillas

Tuesday:  fish, quinoa, green salad

Wednesday:  pinto beans (made in Crock-Pot during the day), fresh salsa and sour cream Adobo sauce

Thursday:  whole wheat pasta with mizithra cheese and green salad

Friday:  whole wheat pasta with mizithra cheese (leftovers) and green salad

Saturday:  fish stew with clams, shrimp and vegetables

Sunday:  fish stew with clams, shrimp and vegetables (leftovers) with homemade whole wheat sourdough bread

Weekly Meal Plan

My daughter made dinner on Wednesday but I made the secret sour cream Adobo sauce.  The recipe will come out next week.  My son made dinner on Thursday and I’m pretty sure he wanted to eat the leftovers Friday morning for breakfast.  Luckily, I had posted a “Keep Out!!” note on the pasta so it didn’t get eaten until dinner on Friday.  It’s a family favorite that I’ll definitely write down the next time it gets made here!  It’s a pasta dish that I’ve eaten at Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant but is a much healthier version.

What’s for dinner at your house this week?

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