The Elastic Stirrup Solution

After you read this, I predict that you are going to wish you had thought of this yourself! Most likely, you’ll want to forward this to 10 friends and say “Why didn’t we think of this?” (Yes, please do that – we love readers! Thank you! ) This Plenty Perfect solution is so simple and so easy, but I haven’t seen this idea anywhere…and I suspect that beneath my simple, forgetful, dopey mom exterior, I just might be a genus. Oops, I mean a genius.

The elastic stirrup solution
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When considering my very small suitcase and my week long trip to California and the wide range of weather conditions we were going to encounter, I realized that I could not bring multiple pairs of jeans. I had to bring one pair of jeans to do both of the jobs I needed them to do – wear with boots and wear with flats – is that too much to ask? Normally, you might say “Yes, that is too much for one pair of jeans to do” but I am here to say “NO.” No!!!! No, that is not too much to ask of your jeans when you equip them with the Plenty Perfect Elastic Stirrup Solution! I have tried everything – the hope for the best method, the fold and tuck method, the fold and tuck into a tall sock method, the mitten clip method and nothing works better than this! Here it is – the answer to your jeans-lovin’ prayers!The elastic stirrup solutionSew a button onto each of the inside seams of your jeans (about 4-5″ from the hem) and in a 8″ strip of 1″ wide elastic cut a slit (or two if you want to adjust). There you have yourself a handy removable stirrup! Of course, you should adjust these measurements to suit your personal legs and jeans so that the whole thing is comfortable.The elastic stirrup solutionThat’s all you have to do to keep your jeans in your boots – and when you want to wear flats, just take the strap off!The elastic stirrup solutionOne pair of jeans with two very different functions – yay! – how plenty perfect!The elastic stirrup solutionI told you I might be a genus!

Do you have any hidden wardrobe tricks we might need to hear about?

Love note from Sara: I pinned this to my Pinterest board when Annie talked about this on her site. I think this is brilliant and right up my alley! Thanks, Annie!

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  1. When I was little, many, many moons ago, I had black-and-red checkered pants (the squares were really small). The pants, made from heavy cotton, had buttons on the left side, with two pockets, and removable stirrups on each pant leg. They were fabulous. As an adult I have searched for pants like that but to no avail. They were perfect with winter boots and regular shoes in the spring. The stirrups had the same black-and-red checkered pattern which gave the pant legs a more finished look when running around in socks….


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