Dining Room Table Ping-Pong

Dining Room Table Ping-Pong

My dining room table gets a workout. Even though we eat dinner at it every evening, it also doubles as a spot for homework, art projects, and ping-pong. Yes, ping-pong. We don’t have a separate ping-pong space in our house – ok, I’m sure I could find one in the basement – but ping-pong tables take up so much room. And, let’s face it, if you’re not playing ping-pong on it, it’s a big open space for collecting things. I certainly don’t need that in my home!

Dining Room Table Ping-Pong

Dining Room Table Ping-Pong

And, even though I have a little sewing studio in the basement, during the winter it’s too cold down there and I drag my sewing stuff upstairs to the dining room to sew.  Here’s a peek at what my dining room table looks like in the winter!

Dining room table mayhem

Fusion NW came by and filmed our ping-pong table set-up that you can make with very little cost. It takes no time to assemble the pieces and better yet – it takes no time to put them all away. I think David was trying to beat me in this game of ping pong but I was going for the kill shot!

Do you have a ping-pong table in your house? Does it collect items or do you use it?

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