How to Knit Men’s Ties

How to knit men's ties

This is a guest post from my sweet sister, Mary, who is getting married next month. She’s a fabulous knitter and shared about the floral bouquet for her wedding, which she also knitted, earlier this month.

Do you want to be hip and have your very own knitted tie? It’s easier than you think. A knitted tie is a great way to personalize a very special occasion such as a prom, gala, Father’s day gift, wedding or give as a gift. My tie project started out as a joke, but it turned into a great way to personalize my man on our wedding day. The knitting itself is pretty basic; as long as you know how to knit, purl, increase and decrease. Knitting help is a great resource for more help.

How to Knit Men’s Ties

I searched for some tie patterns and came up empty-handed for one that fit my needs. I ended up looking at a fabricated tie and figuring out the measurements. For width, ties start out at about 3.5 inches wide and every three inches decrease by 1/4 inch. Their total length is about 57 inches.

Basic pattern: cast on 3 stitches, increase every other row until the piece is about 3.5 inches, then every three inches you’ll decrease by two stitches (give or take).  Once the piece measures 28 inches, your tie should measure 2 inches wide. You will continue until the piece measures 57 inches long. Check out Purl Bee for a father and son knit tie tutorial. Enjoy!

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  1. You know, I just recently pulled my needles out after a long knitting sabbatical. I could do one of these for my 2 year old nephew. Too Cute!


  2. @Sheila, Sara’s sister whipped those ties out. 🙂 Although, I agree, my sister is talented and someone everyone should know.
    @Heidi, you should totally pick up those needles and go for it. I take my knitting everywhere and I knit if I’m watching TV…it helps pass the time. This pattern/idea is super simple and easily fits in any purse.


  3. Thank you! I’m new to knitting so I try to get things as precise as possible. How many stitches should I increase by every other row?


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