A New Closet Rug

Remove trim from rug

I have been looking for a new rug for the closet I share with my daughter. Yes, with old houses there’s always closet sharing going, isn’t there? My daughter’s bedroom is the smallest room in our house and yet, it has the largest closet -go figure! I re-did the closet several years ago (I’ll need to share that project another time) and it holds my daughter’s clothes, my clothes and it’s our linen closet now also – yes, it’s at maximum capacity. We don’t heat our upstairs and the bedroom closets are especially cold. To stand and stare at your clothing while having a clothing crisis, your feet got quite cold.

A new closet rug

Then I found this little rug at the Goodwill Clearance Center (otherwise known as “The Bins”) where items are priced by the pound. It’s cotton and probably cost around $2 or $3. The colors match my daughter’s bedroom, too.

From the Goodwill Bins

This rug was in really great condition except the trim was not. It was torn and ratty-tatty (like my old pillow cases were before I fixed them) so I just whipped out my seam ripper and….

A new closet rug

removed the trim. Bye-bye ratty-tatty trim.

Remove trim from rug

It’s just the right size and looks much better after a thorough cleaning.  I also removed the tag so now it’s reversible, too.

Remove tag

This summer the rug is catching dust bunnies but next winter, it will keep our toes warm while we contemplate our stylishly frugal outfits!

Do you share a closet with someone? Do you play musical closets at your house?

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10 thoughts on “A New Closet Rug

  1. Our house is not old, but my sons do share a closet, because the oldest decided to make an old office space into his bedroom…and it had no closet. Then of course I share a closet with my husband, but it’s carpeted so our tootsies are warm all hear round ; 0


    1. Sheila, I love it that your son converted his closet into an office! Way to go on that. If he’s like my son, there aren’t too many clothes in his closet…


    1. Thanks, Kerry! Now my daughter is going through an anti-pink stage and told me she doesn’t like it anymore. I’m keeping it on my half of the closet!!


  2. Super cute rug! Sometimes all it takes is a little removing of something tattered, or the addition of something new, to make a thrift find look great. I often think, “if the previous owner could only see it now!”


    1. Thanks, Lili! And, yes, I agree! I can’t believe the number of great items in my home and in my closet that I picked up 2nd-hand that needed very minor fixes. It makes me feel bad that people were so willing to discard them! Having some basic skills and VISION is helpful and saves lots of $$$$$.


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