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Dinner Group and Pretty Houses

Go Gingham: Dinner group

One of the many things I love about our dinner group is seeing everyone’s beautiful homes. With 4 couples in our ongoing rotating supper club, we get to dine in a friend’s home regularly and we also get to see progress of everyone’s house and garden projects. There are always house projects, aren’t there?

Go Gingham Dinner group house

Our dinner group met in February at Robin and Greg’s home. They have lived in their mid-century home for 7 (or is it 8?) years now. They used to live 7 houses away from us but now it’s about 7 blocks away. We let them stay in dinner group even though they moved. The other couples in our group live on our block so everyone is within walking distance or bike riding distance. Or carpooling/driving distance when it rains – which it does sometimes in Portland!

Go Gingham Mid Century House

I love how it’s decoration is eclectic and reflects the era of the house as well as Robin and Greg’s taste and style.

Why is it that every party begins in the kitchen?! Their kitchen is small like mine but is completely efficient and holds 8 adults easily.

Drinks in the kitchen

We all had to exit the kitchen and had appetizers by the fire.

Next, dinner was served at the dining room table.

Dinner is served

It’s always festive when the dishes are passed around in a flurry of conversation and checking to make sure you got every dish and sauce passed to you.

Dinner group dish

And the glorious, delicious dessert which was a fallen chocolate cake.

Dinner Group dessert

Here’s the menu:

Our dinner group rotates houses or hosts and it’s “pot-luck” style so everyone shares in the work – and in the fun. You’ll find more about our dinner group HERE along with other entertaining tips. We’re meeting again soon and as always, I can’t wait!

What’s your favorite dish to bring to a “pot-luck” dinner party?

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4 thoughts on “Dinner Group and Pretty Houses

  1. I love the idea of a dinner group. I have had various ones in the different places I have lived, but have not gotten one started here (10+ years later, I am still saying that!). Having a regular group makes getting a plan together so much easier and I love seeing everyone’s houses too!


    1. Annie, it is the only way to see friends regularly it seems! With everyone’s busy lives, if we don’t take time and schedule gatherings, years can (and do!) go by too quickly. We just had our April gathering on Saturday and it was in another pretty home – with fabulous food! Thanks, Annie 🙂


    1. Thanks, Minnie! They are the best! This gathering was in February and we had another one this past Saturday night. It was great to see everyone and the food was out of this world – as usual. Are you planning to start another one???


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