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Frugal Entertaining: Dinner Group

Go Gingham Dinner Group

Our dinner group has been meeting for so long, we’re beginning to repeat recipes and have the same menu themes. This isn’t bad since the group is comprised of people who love to cook so the meals always taste good! I liked how the hosts of our dinner group in April wanted something new and different – they called it “Asian Tapas” and it was divine. We all brought small sides and then dined on the different dishes. Honestly, we all brought big sides – that’s how this group roles!

We began in the kitchen with drinks and salad rolls for appetizers. The couple who brought the salad rolls also brought two different types of dipping sauces.

Dinner Goup with Go Gingham

It seems everyone always ends up standing in the kitchen, doesn’t it?

Appetizers Go Gingham Style

Finally, we migrated into the dining room for more tapas. And then more!

Frugal Entertaining Dinner Group

Everything was tasty but we had so much food, I wasn’t sure I could handle a heavy dessert. (Truth in blogging: I would’ve found room for it – I’m quite sure!) Thankfully, the hosting couple served a very light dessert of fruit and chocolate. It was just right!

Here’s the recipe for the Asian shrimp noodle salad and the recipe for the sweet and spicy cashews.

Go Gingham Frugal Entertaining Dinner Group

Dinner group is at our house next and I’m hoping to have dinner outside. Wish me luck – early June in Portland can be questionable. We may begin outside but end up inside!

Do you have a menu suggestion or dinner that our stylishly frugal dinner group might enjoy?

If you’re on Pinterest, I’d love to add you to our “Dinner Group” Pinterest board and you can share a link with us there. Let me know in the comments below what your username is on Pinterest and I’ll add you to the board. If you don’t like to leave comments or you’re feeling shy, send me an email at sara@gogingham dot com.

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6 thoughts on “Frugal Entertaining: Dinner Group

    1. Minnie,
      They were! And, there were two different dipping sauces with them. Salad rolls are fresh and such a nice dish to bring to a party – or a picnic! 🙂
      Thanks, Minnnie.


    1. Thank you, Annie! It’s always fun with this crowd and this time, I was able to bring home some leftovers which my kids always love. They always look forward to dinner group at our house, too, because they get to taste everything – yum!


  1. For the last Wine Club (my dinner group) hosted at my house, I chose a theme of Argentina. All the wines were from Argentina, and the recipes were, too. It was great!


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