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BlogHer Food Recap Austin, TX

Go Gingham at BlogHer Food

Can you tell that we were having a blast?

BlogHerFood13 Food Preservation

Yes, my attending and speaking at the BlogHer Food conference in Austin, Texas was for work but it was so fun! We bloggers love to get out from behind our computer screens and have a good time! My friend, Sheila from Eat 2 Gather, and I had too much fun together last year and this year was another opportunity for us to eat, chat, and catch up.

Reducing food waste prepping peaches
Warming up for the kitchen demo cutting peaches. I could almost see the peaches without my glasses!

I arrived Thursday with my husband (he came with me and is doing a guest post about HIS frugal adventures in Austin later this week) and had a packed schedule of meetings, conference sessions, and parties for the long weekend. Honestly, just getting the two of us out the door, readying the house for grandma, and organizing the kids and food for the weekend was exhausting! (I billed this as a vacation for my mom – she didn’t have to cook or clean – the kids would do it all. As you can imagine, the kids were pretty happy to have us back at home. It was exhausting for them!)

Saturday morning was my speaking session on “Food Preservation and Reducing Food Waste” with Sean Timberlake from Punk Domestics and Kate Payne from the Hip Girls’ Guide to Homemaking. It was fun to compare our different methods for preserving stone fruit (peaches), eggs, and carrots. Both Sean and Kate are professionals when it comes to preserving foods and keeping it from turning into waste.

Sara Tetreault at BlogHer Food speaking
I’m incapable of speaking without using my hands. Sean had organized our session so well it was like a dance recital!

We managed to keep on topic during our kitchen demonstration session and had a lively audience who added to the presentation.

BlogHer Food Demo #FoodWaste
Good audience participation and sampling!

You can read the recap from the BlogHer Food’s live blogger or Sean’s review of the demo from Punk Domestics.

I met so many great folks at the conference and love putting a name with a face. While our line of work is “online,” there is nothing better than meeting and connecting in real life. If you have the opportunity to attend a conference, go for it! You’ll learn, share, and make new friends. BlogHer has several conferences throughout the year and is an excellent resource for the online community.

Two companies I’d like to thank…

A very big thank you to Attune Foods, who makes among other healthy foods, Uncle Sam cereal. I eat Uncle Sam breakfast cereal every single morning (mixed with some of my homemade granola) and even bring it with me when I travel. It’s whole wheat and flaxseed goodness and they also make a tasty gluten-free cereal.

Another very big thank you to Barhyte Specialty Foods, who are a local company that make Saucy Mama sauces and condiments. I met the Barhyte family last year at a food event and enjoyed hearing how their family gatherings begin with taste testing of the latest concoctions.

These companies sponsored me to attend the conference in Austin and for that, I am grateful. Attending conferences is an integral part of online communities because even in our high-tech world, nothing beats meeting folks in person and making new friends. It’s expensive for bloggers like myself to attend and travel to conferences and sponsors help make it all work! Thank you.

If you’d like to sponsor me for a conference, please check out my “influencer” page and let’s see how we can work together.

Image credits:

First picture: Ninja had a photo booth at the closing party and Sheila and I were totally hamming it up! The party was dinner and dancing with a live band at Stubbs BBQ in Austin. It was an awesome party hosted by Ree Drummond from The Pioneer Woman, Elise Bauer from Simply Recipes, and Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen – and we danced up a storm!

Second picture: Andrew Wilder from Eating Rules took the second photograph. He writes on his blog about how healthy eating doesn’t have to suck. He’s right. Thank you, Andrew.

Third, fourth, and fifth pictures: Laura Watt from Cubit’s Organic Living took the photographs and graciously allowed me to share them with you. She was snapping pictures while we were working and talking – and I completely overlooked asking someone to take a few pictures for me. Thank you, Laura.

Have you ever been to Austin, TX? If you’re a blogger, what conferences would you recommend?

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  1. Sounds like fun, Sara. I got a kick out of your glasses even before I read your comment. I have a pair in my purse … in the basement … upstairs … in my “work container” along with my name badge and pager … I had Lasik done several years ago and my distance vision is perfect but I suppose I need to break down and get the dreaded bifocals, as I notice I have to pull out my readers more and more …


    1. Kris,
      It’s hard to have to locate those glasses all the time for everything! My husband is just now starting to need them – although he’s in denial. I just overheard him asking our son to read something out loud to him – it happens to all of us! My faraway vision is still fine but up close – trouble!
      Thanks, Kris! 🙂


  2. How fun Sara! I am anxious to hear all about your trip to Austin! Did you get someone to teach you the two step?



    1. Melissa,
      It was very fun! I did not learn the two-step although I did do a LOT of dancing – not that it has a certain style/name – just movin’!
      Austin was really hot – already! I can only imagine July/August there. Oh boy!
      Thanks, Melissa 🙂


  3. Well it sure does look like you had a good time. Love the pictures and the fact that you are promoting healthy eating. We as a country need to get up to speed on this very important issue. Great blog post and very nice blog!


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