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Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply

Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply from Go Gingham

Remember last year when I shared about how we make the holidays more enjoyable? Here’s the secret – we keep them simple. This year is no different. Simple ingredients for cooking, a simple menu that is tasty, and a simple plan for the day’s activities. With a simple plan our focus is to enjoy one another and our time together. By keeping celebrations simple, our lives feel less chaotic and we can focus on the things that really matter.

Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply

My mantra for Thanksgiving: Be thankful. Be present. Be appreciative.

Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply from Go Gingham

Simple Ingredients

Everything begins with whole food – fresh foods that are healthy for you. They’re all good, from scratch and (most) can be made ahead.  Vegetables that don’t need to be peeled, green salad that comes pre-washed.

Simple Menu

Here’s our Thanksgiving dinner menu – simple and easy:

Simple schedule

Here’s the game-plan for a simple schedule on Thanksgiving.

Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply from Go Gingham
I’m not sure why this looks like a line – we were playing football!
  • Discussions and conversations: catch up with friends and family on last summer’s trip or what fall has been like. Ask lots of questions and not just ones that can be answered with a yes or no.
  • Music: it always makes the day more festive with music. Make a playlist and enjoy. We usually add holiday music to the mix starting on Thanksgiving.
  • Decorating: tablecloths and cloth napkins that have a harvest theme are my quick and easy methods to transform our dining room. Gourds and pumpkins make pretty centerpieces and then, you can eat them!
  • Drinks: have plenty of choices available and ready for kids and adults alike.
  • Fire: have a fire and cozy in while the turkey is cooking.
  • Games: card games or simple board games that all ages can play are always fun. Charades is another game that puts everyone at ease and always produces lots of laughter.
  • Assign: give assignments to share in the day. Have your kids set the table or enlist little ones to write out name tags for the table.
  • Write: last year, we all had a paper shaped leaf to write what we were thankful for. We shared these before dinner and there was hardly a dry eye around the dinner table.
Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply from Go Gingham
Sharing at dinner and simple appetizers for before dinner.

By keeping our celebrations simple, we can focus on the things that really matter and our time together. And save all the fighting for later. Wait – did I say that?

What’s your Thanksgiving mantra?

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6 thoughts on “Celebrate Thanksgiving Simply

  1. I love that your simple schedule is very people focused (conversation, playing games, sharing tasks, etc.).
    I think having a people-centric approach would simplify a lot of things!


    1. Thanks, Shannon! We really try and keep it low key so that we all enjoy. Sometimes I get carried away and feel like I should do more but I come back to (with nudging from my husband…) the plan and am thankful.
      Thanks for leaving a comment!! 🙂


  2. We like to keep it simple too – though we do cook the turkey in the oven and use potatoes that need peeling. I’d love to see your crustless pumpkin pie. Crusts are always my least favourite part.


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