Family Favorite Board Games

Family Favorite Board Games from Go Gingham

These are our family favorite games to give, receive and most importantly – play as a family. Several of them are fun to play with another family or friends for a night of game playing.

  1. Skip Bo: Good for young and old this game is fun and is about luck – not so much strategy. [amazon_link id=”B004TZJ23S” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Skip-Bo[/amazon_link]
  2. Sorry: Another good game for young and old – and again, all about luck. For a quick game, use only 3 pieces instead of 4. [amazon_link id=”B00D8VHIMG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sorry! 2013 Edition Game[/amazon_link]
  3. Monopoly: This is a classic! Make a shorter game of it by randomly dealing out the properties at the start of the game. [amazon_link id=”B00000IWCT” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Monopoly[/amazon_link]
  4. Sequence: Good for teams – adult with young child works well. No “table talk” is a rule but everyone’s non-verbal eye catching signals seem to get honed here. [amazon_link id=”B00000IVAK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sequence Game[/amazon_link]
  5. Rummikub: Similar to gin rummy but a board game with tiles. This game is all about sets and runs – good for math and good for all ages. [amazon_link id=”B00000IZJB” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Rummikub[/amazon_link]
  6. Bananagrams: In a bag the shape of a banana, it’s a fast moving game that is all about spelling. Think Scrabble but more free-flowing, easier, and no waiting for your turn. [amazon_link id=”1932188126″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Bananagrams[/amazon_link]
  7. The Settlers of Catan: This is a family favorite now that we have teenagers. It’s a game that is sort of a medieval Monopoly. Trade resources for building out your domain. [amazon_link id=”B000W7JWUA” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Settlers of Catan[/amazon_link]
  8. Taboo: Fun for older kids or a family game night with friends. Adults and kids like to buzz each other when you say the wrong or “taboo” word. Teams with different ages split up make this fun for a game night with another family. [amazon_link id=”B00D4NJSBW” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Taboo Board Game[/amazon_link]
  9. Blokus: My personal favorite – think board game of Tetris. Get the pieces to fit and block out your opponent’s pieces. It’s all about board domination and using spaces. Good for 4 players. [amazon_link id=”B001P06GX4″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Blokus Game[/amazon_link]
  10. Yahtzee: Everybody loves Yahtzee! Math and yelling are required for this fun game. Good for kids who can write but playing with “partners” means every age can play. [amazon_link id=”B00B28GVLG” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Classic Yahtzee[/amazon_link]

Bonus: Get the book “Hoyle’s Rules of Games.” [amazon_link id=”0451163095″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Hoyle's Rules of Games: Second Revised Edition (Signet)[/amazon_link] It has rules for every card game or parlor game imaginable. We travel with this book and try to learn a new game wherever we go. If you have this book and a deck of cards, you’ll be set for fun.

What’s your favorite board game to play?

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12 thoughts on “Family Favorite Board Games

  1. Great timing! I like to get a new family game for the holidays. I played many games of Rummikub and Yahtzee with my cousins and Grandma when I was a kid.

    We’ve been playing Pit when there’s a bigger group of us. Gets a little loud, but it’s fun. We vow that one day, we’ll actually finish a game of Risk. One that Cane and I play together that we love is Upwords. It’s great for two people–much like Scrabble, but you can build words up by stacking letters.


    1. Rita, we have UpWords, too! We played it a someone’s beach house once and liked it but we’ve never gotten into it at home. Maybe we should try it with just 2 people….My brain had a hard time processing the concept of going UP rather than just spreading out like Scrabble and Bananagrams.
      Our teens love The Settlers of Catan and the game always takes about 2 hours. I like that because when a game drags on and on – it can drive me nuts! I can handle 2 hours 😉
      Thanks, Rita!


  2. We’ve just started playing Qwirkle. Super fun! We’re giving it as a Christmas gift this year. Youcan see it here:

    We also love Rummikub. For traveling we like the card games Quiddler and Set and the dice game Farkle (10,000). We also have a great little travel cribbage game that’s fun and a travel Pass the Pigs dice game.


    1. Erin,
      I’ll need to check out Qwirkle…Thanks!
      We also like Farkle for travel. It’s so small and can be easily tucked into a small pocket.
      Thanks for the additions, EFB! 🙂


  3. Also, Cloud Cap Games in Portland has several games you can rent (3 nights for $5), and if you decided to buy the game you rented, part of the rental fee goes toward the purchase price.

    They even let you try before you buy in the store and have lots of game night events at their store.

    Another great local business to support!


  4. Awesome list.

    I’ll 2nd Qwirkle! Good stuff. We love Ticket To Ride at our house…pretty colored trains and about an hour long….perfect.

    For party games there are few more funny than Telestrations. Think telephone but with bad drawings. We can’t stop laughing whenever we play (and it’s great for ages 8 – 99).


    1. Great additions, Joe. Whenever there’s a game that keeps people laughing, I like it!! 🙂
      Thanks again for inviting me to do the podcast with you. Can’t wait to hear it!


  5. Thank you for the suggestions. We like playing “Chicken Foot” which is a variation of Dominoes (another good game). We have a New Years Eve tradition with good friends – we play games, not always board games sometimes we play charades. Doesn’t matter what we play as long as the rules are fairly simple (nothing worse than having to refer to the rules every other turn).


    1. Meg, you are so welcome! Yes, I forgot about “chicken foot” – some friends taught us that. It’s very fun! Love that you have a New Year’s Eve tradition that includes playing games. Those are great rituals.
      Thanks, Meg!! 🙂


  6. My family is keen on Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. These two board games are simply the best for family evenings!


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