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Dinner Group Gathering

Dinner Group with Go GinghamThe only bad thing about our recent dinner group gathering was that one of the couples had to cancel at the last minute. It’s so hard coordinating all the calendars that we had to dine without the fourth couple.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

There are 4-couples in our group and the hosting couple is responsible for making the entrée and choosing the main course, which sets the menu or “theme” for the evening. After choosing the main part of the meal, the host assigns the following dishes to the 3 other couples:

  • appetizer
  • salad
  • dessert

Sometimes the hosting couple will chose recipes for everyone to follow which forces us all to try a new recipe or perhaps make one up. Good friends plus good food always equals fun!

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

Our friends, Tracy and Kenton, hosted the meal at their home. They live in an older home but the inside has been completely redone (or is in the process of being redone) and is sleek and modern. They have fabulous taste and a huge kitchen where we always seem to end up.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham
Kenton and Tracy are putting the finishing touches on dinner while Brad keeps a sharp eye on what’s happening.

Dinner Group Gathering – Menu

Our dinner group gatherings are so tasty and delicious.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

  It’s best if I wear elastic waist pants when we get together!

Dinner Group with Go Gingham
The appetizer we brought – before everyone dove into it!

Everything was so good – it was all cooked at home – but not in my kitchen – even better!

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

What I love is that we all get to enjoy good friends and good food – but we’re comfortable and rotating homes and not always entertaining at our own homes.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham

Of course, we all look forward to the dessert.

Dinner Group with Go Gingham
Peach crisp with oatmeal topping – heaven!


That’s it – frugal, fancy, and fun entertaining and enjoying. It’s very Go Gingham!

What’s your dinner group enjoying these days?

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2 thoughts on “Dinner Group Gathering

  1. Those napkins on that tray didn’t look very gingham-y. The shirts on some of the announcers for the Seahawks game last weekend, however, did. Never realized there was such a thing as too much on the gingham, but somehow they managed it 😉

    Looks like it was a great party.


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