Home Organization Project 2

Home Organization Week 2 from Go GinghamEvery Friday, we’re cleaning out a different area of the house. We’re being smart and keeping it simple so that we feel like we’ve accomplished a little home organization every single week.

Home Organization Week # 2: Sweaters

There’s no rhyme or reason to WHAT is being cleaned out every week. Just whatever is driving me nuts and makes me think, “Why do I have all of these (fill in the blank – and this week it’s – ) sweaters?”

You know I love cashmere, right? It was hard but I’m even parting with a few cashmere sweaters!

Brad (my husband) and I went through all of our sweaters. We helped each other trim down the number of sweaters we had both accumulated over the years by asking these questions:

  • Am I ever going to wear this again?
  • Does it look good still or does it look too frayed and worn?
  • Is it worth mending?
  • Will it ever come back into style?
  • Does it fit right – still?
  • Do I have another one like it?

It really helps to have a partner to do this with – and someone who is honest and truthful. Don’t have an honest spouse or partner? (OK, that came out funny!) Find a friend and trade sweater sorting services.

What did I keep?

  • I kept all of my Ralph Lauren hand knit sweaters. When I worked for Polo/Ralph Lauren, I got a clothing allowance and always chose sweaters. They’re beautiful sweaters and even though I wear them rarely, I had to keep them. They’re classic and timeless – they’re my style.
  • I also kept a sweater my mom knitted my dad when they were dating. My dad passed away 20+ years ago and I can’t get rid of it. If any of my siblings or nieces or nephews want it, I am happy to pass it on to you.
  • Our kid’s baby sweaters. You know I’m not getting rid of these. They were hand-me-downs to us and I’m saving them for our kids.
  • I kept one sweater of Brad’s to cut down and remake into one for myself. In one year if it’s not done, I have to get rid of it.

There are 2 very large bags filled with sweaters ready to go. Brad wants to take them to a consignment store – which I’ve reluctantly agreed to try. While I’ve definitely earned money doing this, there’s more work involved than simply taking them to Goodwill.

Hole in sweater from Go Gingham
It’s easier to find holes by placing a sheet of white paper inside the sweater and inspecting. This sweater got ditched – it had too many holes.

The 2 trunks that our sweaters are stored in – one in our bedroom and the other trunk, made by my grandfather, and in our son’s room – have plenty of room in them now.

Now, it’s your turn. Go sort through and clean out your sweater collection. Take it slow and do a little every day. High fives all around!

How many sweaters are you parting with? Are you a cashmere lover, too?

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5 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 2

  1. I do love me a knitted cardigan – for a few years (but not 2013) I bought one a year. They are expensive to a tight budget, but now I have a few styles and thicknesses, and I love them. I also have two identical cashmere sweaters, in grey and black, which are just lovely. Thankfully, I don’t have any ‘memory’ sweaters like you mention, so my stash is small. I will definitely consider buying a new thickly knitted ‘something’ (cardigan or pullover) in Australia’s winter, just to keep my collection fresh.


  2. Sara – I don’t take things to Goodwill anymore – philosophical differences – but I will take items to a Clothes Closet or an Adventist Community Services —- some organizations will even come and pick things up for a small charge.


  3. Sweaters are one thing that I have sorta kinda under control in my home–just don’t ask me about my husband’s t-shirts! Do they reproduce in the dresser???

    There are some fun ideas floating around the internet for different things you can do with old sweaters–making pillows out of them, infinity scarves, bracelet cuffs … has several ideas posted.


  4. I keep some of the nicest sweaters that I will never wear again for little projects. In the past I’ve made the sleeves into wine bottle gift bags, the body part into pillows, a hot water bottle cover, a Kobo cover and a case for my knitting needles. Of course, a lot of them still end up going to the Salvation Army donation bin or to the Value Village donation bin. Either way they don’t go to waste.


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