Home Organization Project 3

Home Organization Week 3 from Go GinghamEvery Friday, we’re cleaning out a different area of the house. We’re being smart and keeping it simple so that we feel like we’ve accomplished a little home organization every single week.

Home Organization Week # 3: Kitchen towels and cleaning rags

What I’m noticing about this project is that everything is related. As I complete one area, it points to another area that needs doing.

I received a new set of kitchen towels for Christmas and as I was switching out old towels for new, it made me realize how ratty-tatty and stained all of the old towels were.

Home Organization Week # 3: Kitchen towels and cleaning rags

  • Sort through all kitchen towels.
  • All stained and ratty-tatty, beyond repair become cleaning rags.
  • Extend the life of a towel by trimming the edges and sewing a new hem.
  • Kitchen wash cloths got the same examination and since I had bought new “paper towels”, otherwise known as kitchen wash cloths, the formerly white wash cloths (they were 50 shades of grey now) went into the rag bag.
  • Next, before adding the kitchen towels and wash cloths to the rag bag (cleaning rags), sort through all of the rag bag rags.
  • Just how many cleaning rags does a household need? Those got pared down, too.
  • Cleaning rags that were too whole ridden or beyond use, went into the donation bag.
  • According to the Goodwill spokesperson, they accept cleaning rags. If they don’t end up selling them at a retail store, they head to one of their outlet stores and from there are sold by the pound (to be sold to a salvage company – nothing goes to a land fill).
How to eliminate paper towels from Go Gingham
White cloths turned into “50 shades of grey” over time. So, go with color!

That’s it. My kitchen towel drawer is empty by laundry day, so I may get one more set of kitchen towels. The kitchen wash cloths do look much better, and better yet – don’t have a bad smell!

Now, it’s your turn. This took one evening – then I celebrated with a glass of wine when I was done!

How are your kitchen towels and wash cloths? Do you call it a rag-bag?

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3 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 3

  1. Kitchen and bath towels are some of those items that I don’t really “see” until they look disgusting. Right now, mine aren’t too bad–last year I decided I was embarrassed at the state of my kitchen linens and bought some new ones. But I do have too many “rags” so I may need to get rid of those. Good info about Goodwill. I think most animal shelters love donations of old towels.


    1. Kris,
      I hadn’t thought of donating towels to animal shelters and that is wonderful suggestion, too. Even old “embarrassing” towels can be useful. I know what you mean about not really seeing the towels – and other parts of the bathroom and kitchen – if I wear my reading glasses into those rooms, I really SEE what’s happening – or not – terms of cleaning, state of towels, paint chips or food splatters. It’s best when my glasses remain off and I am clueless – LOL!!
      Thanks, Kris!


  2. I love your colorful cloths in the basket mounted on the wall! We only use paper towels to clean up doggy accidents; the rest of the time we use cloth and it’s so nice not to buy paper towels but about once a year! My cloths, however, need a bit of tossing and re-vamping, so thanks for the inspiration!


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