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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Healthier Super Bowl Sunday from Go Gingham

Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food for me. It’s not about the game – although we’ll be watching it – and we’ll be cooking. On the menu so far is a big batch of nachos – with pinto beans already made in the slow cooker – and buffalo shrimp – think wings only made with shrimp instead.

Here’s a list of Super Bowl Sunday snack foods that would be tasty to add to your menu. They’re healthy, too, so you won’t feel bad about eating nachos alongside!

  1. Mock oysters – Fun to make especially if you’re not watching the game!
  2. Delicious olive oil garlic bread – Oven baked – whole loaf or small slices.
  3. Homemade tortilla chips – Easy to bake in the oven and these can really stand up to dips!
  4. Cream cheesy dip – Leftovers of this are excellent for breakfast, too.
  5. Smoked salmon dip – Chopped veggies or crackers can accompany this tasty dip.
  6. White bean dip – Guests won’t even know they’re eating beans!
  7. Spicy hummus – Bad breath will follow this tasty, garlic-y spread.
  8. Sour cream chipotle dip – Perfect for dipping tortilla chips into or adding to your nachos.
  9. Mediterranean quinoa salad – Gluten free, fresh, and hearty – it’s good the next day, too.
  10. Shrimp and quinoa salad – Another tasty salad and this is easy to make the day before.
  11. Vegetarian chili – Brad just told me not to include this one because he says that guys don’t want vegetarian chili on Super Bowl Sunday. Well, if you want to add meat, go ahead.

That’s it – healthier, homemade accompaniments to a big pile of nachos or wings. Don’t forget the guacamole! Wait – who’s playing again?

What’s your favorite dish to bring to a Super Bowl Sunday party? Will you be watching the game?

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