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Home Organization Project 4

Home Organization Project Week 4 from Go GinghamEvery Friday, we’re cleaning out a different area of the house. We’re being smart and keeping it simple so that we feel like we’ve accomplished a little home organization every single week.

Home Organization Week # 4: The coat closet

I know it’s still winter and there’s a slight chance of me wearing one of these winter coats, but not really.

It’s time to let go of some of those “What if I might need it someday?” outerwear pieces.

We actually don’t even have a front hall coat closet. Small, old homes don’t have those modern conveniences. We use the office closet as our coat closet and have a hall tree in the entryway.

Turn artwork into wall decor

  • Much like the sweaters from week # 2, we took everything out of the closet – and gave the closet a proper cleaning. Yes, largest cob web ever seen was spotted!
  • Next, we placed everything on the day bed and hashed it out.
  • Then, we agreed that 1 item could be sold on eBay – as long as I didn’t have to do it! Brad is going to try selling a Polo/Ralph Lauren black-watch plaid wool topcoat. I worked for Polo for many years and we have lots of coats!
  • We’re going to take our 2 huge bags of coats and jackets to Red Light resale shop. They buy vintage items and pay cash.
  • The remainder of our coats are going to a homeless shelter.
  • We pared down our belongings from 29 items to 16 items. Not too bad!!

We didn’t exactly follow the rule “if you haven’t worn it in a year, then get rid of it.” There are several coats that really won’t go out of style, are cashmere, and rarely get worn.

I’m passing along the “Winter Cape” that I sewed from 2 old prom dresses several years ago for my daughter. It’s going to a family who has 2 little girls and they’ll get several years of wear out of it.

Winter cape with bag from Go Gingham

Winter coats and jackets are done! After several weeks of this project, it’s feeling good to have more breathing room in our closets and drawers. I wanted to do handbags, backpacks, and other bags (that are stored in the closet) but we’ll do it another day. Brad reminded me we’re taking it in “baby-steps” – mostly I think he had had enough for the day!

How’s your home organization clean out going?

Home Organization in 52 weeks from Go Gingham

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2 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 4

  1. You are doing well! Our church doesn’t do this every year, but some years they request “gently used” coats to distribute to those in need. I love the thought that something I am no longer using may be keeping someone else warm and dry. My children’s school also sometimes has coat drives, or they may welcome backup coats/hats/mittens/snowpants to keep on hand for “forgetters” or those on reduced incomes. Just more thoughts for other places to send your donations.


  2. I can completely relate to the surplus of RL clothing! I also used to work for a clothing company (actually two: Eddie Bauer and Tommy Bahama) and we had so many pieces that our closets and drawers were bulging! We’ve finally been brutally honest about what we wear and have purged at least half of our old stuff: Feels good! Looking forward to the next Home Org project on Go Gingham 🙂 Actually, the home office area with all the kids’ school papers and bills have been a thorn in my (and everyone else) side for too long…


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