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Spring Has Sprung!

Yesterday finally felt like spring! I was in need of it! Were you? Does it seem like winter was trying its best to stick around for as long as possible?

Go Gingham: Free milk bucket

Here’s what’s been happening this spring….

  1. Spring: Speaking of spring-like temperatures, we were giddy in Portland yesterday! Neighbors were out, kids were running and playing – it was glorious. I wanted nothing more than to be amending the soil in my garden and planting seeds! Alas, I had to help eradicate a squirrel and his/her family from our front porch roof. I pray they all leave without dying up there! It’s such a hassle – not to mention – one of them is out while the others are now trapped in the porch roof. Today’s update: squirrel is a mama and she has four babies! She’s gotten two out but two are still there. Wildlife!
  2. Soil: Speaking of amending my soil, I always thought that compost was enough for growing vegetables but last year, one of my raised beds performed so poorly, I began to question the color of my thumb! A check with the experts at my favorite garden/feed store – Concentrate’s – and I got the word that no, rich compost with chicken pooh isn’t enough. I picked up some fertilizer and lime – both organic – and am ready to get it stirred into the beds. The best part? They sell it by the scoop so you don’t have to buy a 50 pound bag of each. Love it!
  3. Chickens: Speaking of chickens, our backyard girls are back to laying. They really are pets with benefits! They’re eating like crazy and I found a new food item for them to eat – banana skins! After dehydrating 2-bunches of bananas, I rough chopped the peels and then simmered them in a pot for a couple of hours. When they were done, I poured the boiling hot banana water on weeds and then let the chickens eat the skins. They were organic and they are now gone. And scraps are back in the Earth.
  4. Earth: Speaking of the Earth, I’m celebrating Earth month (it’s not just a day!) over at Earthbound Farm’s online community this month. Check “Organic Bound” for posts about living green and frugal – my sweet spot! My kids let me take photos of them – yes, I bribed them with cash and chocolate – and told them I was using the pictures on Organic Bound and not Go Gingham – so they agreed. Who has ever heard of such madness? TEENS!
  5. Food: Speaking of Earthbound Farm, I’m helping them with grocery shopping later this month…I’ll be at several New Seasons stores buying groceries for lucky shoppers! How fun is that? If you’re basket is filled with Earth-friendly items and sustainable products, look out for this frugal and fancy gal to whip out a credit card and spring for the whole lot! Better have your cloth bags with you, too! One of the Earthbound Farm folks is traveling to Portland to help me – she’ll probably have to stop by and say hi to our chickens, don’t ya’ think? (We’ll be at the Vancouver store on 4/21 and Concordia and Seven Corners on 4/22 – come say hi! I’ll most likely be wearing gingham ;0 )
  6. Cookbook: Speaking more of food and Earthbound Farm, DeeAnna won the cookbook giveaway for, “Straight from the Earth” by Earthbound co-founder Myra Goodman and her daughter, Marea Goodman. They gave me a cookbook, too, and my daughter’s favorite meal is the *meat*loaf – which is not actually meat since it’s a vegan cookbook!
  7. Travel: Speaking of travel, over spring break, we traveled by car and toured colleges in Washington state. Yes, with a junior in high school (and a freshman who’s ready to go, too!), it’s that time. We hit Gonzaga University (medium size), Eastern Washington University (large), and Whitman College (small). We mostly did this for comparison sake because when the college material arrives in the mail box, it’s hard to know what’s what.
  8. Toyota: Speaking of driving over spring break, a big thank to Toyota for making our spring break sustainable, too! Toyota loaned us a Prius for spring break and it was sipping gas all around Washington. We almost drove over a few co-eds on those college campuses because the car was so quiet.

Go Gingham: Spring flowers in our grass

What have you been up to this spring? Has winter finally ended where you live?

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6 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. The weather has been too much of a roller coaster to do anything outside. My snowball bushes are leafing out, and I have a few flower clusters going from green to white. They look to be very small clusters, we have had so little moisture.

    I bought a pair of shoes for the summer. They are espadrilles with athletic soles, and the inner sole is made from recycled plastic bottles. They are also very light-weight.


    1. Karen, it has been a roller coaster! Today, I went to a track meet and tennis match – spring sports for my kiddos – and I had to get a wool blanket from the car by the end! It was freezing – and I had on a down coat.
      Your shoes sound adorable – and more importantly – comfortable! I’m always looking for comfort in shoes. The recycle angle makes them sound even better! Way to go. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for writing in, Karen!


  2. It’s 33 degrees outside right now and my kids are riding bikes. πŸ™‚ It’s been getting in the 50’s during the late afternoons here–after the frigid winter we had, it seems downright tropical! Enjoying the sunshine. Happy spring!


    1. Happy spring indeed! OK, 33 sounds pretty darn cold to me but it’s all relative, isn’t it?
      We’re all going to be short on our Vitamin D needs, aren’t we?
      I rode my bike today, too, but was freezing afterwards but it wasn’t THAT cold outside! I love to hear kids playing outside even when it is cold.
      Thanks, Kris!
      ps thanks for being patient with the commenting system, too! πŸ™‚


  3. I think we might finally have a little Spring here in Central Missouri, too! Sure hope the baby squirrels are okay!


    1. Vanessa,
      I’m happy to report all 4 baby squirrels are out and the mama took each one by the nape of their necks and escaped! I’m so relived because they’re out of the roof, we found where they were getting in/out, and we didn’t have to hire someone. It all worked out well. And, we haven’t seen a single squirrel so the word is out and they’ve moved on!
      So glad you’re getting some spring weather. Enjoy it this weekend!! πŸ™‚


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