Easy Easter Basket DIY

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Do you ever feel like you’re always buying a new package of plastic eggs every time Easter rolls around? Me, too! It’s the same with those pesky bags of stringy grass. It always ends up getting strewn around the living room. I really needed an update to this routine of purchasing “plastic eggs and plastic grass” that I’ve used in Easter baskets over the years but I wanted to make it meaningful, too.

My goal was to make the baskets pretty but use fabric scraps that I had used on other sewing projects for the kids. They’re growing up so quickly and using scraps from other sewing projects seemed like a good way to remember when they were little. And, remind me of when they believed that the Easter Bunny filled their baskets!

I decided to sew open-top fabric bags for the candy and make grass out of “green” fabric. By replacing the eggs and grass with items that could be reused, I wouldn’t have to buy more plastic every year. I rounded up our decorations to see what fabric scraps might look nice with our baskets.

Easy Easter Basket DIY

Before I got started sewing, I headed to the store to get Easter candy. We always get M&M’S© Chocolate Candies Bunny Mix for Easter. They’re just the right size and the colors match our Easter baskets so nicely! After Easter, we always bake chocolate chip cookies and substitute the spring M&M’S© for the chocolate chips. The cookies are delicious – and look absolutely adorable!

My son’s favorite chocolate is Dove© Brand Silk Smooth Milk Chocolate Eggs. He says they’re just the right size! My daughter loves the Dove© Brand Coconut Creme Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Eggs – coconut anything is her favorite! My husband always gets a Dove© Silky Smooth Mint and Dark Chocolate Swirl. He can’t resist anything with dark chocolate and mint. Me? I’m a dark chocolate fan and Dove© Dark Chocolates are the best.

After my candy shopping, I was back on the job and pressed the fabric with a hot iron and cut them into sizes that could be sewn into bags. The sizes of bags didn’t need to match – and I lined one of the bags, too. After cutting the fabric to various sizes, I pinned right sides together and sewed the seams.

Ribbons that I had on hand and were in Easter colors were used to tie the tops of the bags. The grass looked festive out of green corduroy fabric and accented with gingham.

Finally, the bags were ready to be filled with the Easter candy. Don’t tell but not all of it made its way into the bags. Sewing can make a mom hungry! Plus, those M&Ms are easy to pop into your mouth! Did you notice how none of the Dove© Dark Chocolates made it into the bags for the kids? The dark chocolate is my favorite and I keep it hidden – so I don’t have to share!

I love how the bags and grass turned out. The colors of the fabric tell a spring time story – and remind me of when my kids were little and sweet. All of the Easter basket decorations can be used again and again for years to come and the fabric scraps were put to good use.

What’s your Easter basket tradition?

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