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Home Organization Project 21

Home Organization Project Week #21 from Go Gingham

Is it just me or does it seem like we just cleaned out all of the cabinets and drawers in the bathroom when we re-did it? Well, that’s what I thought, too, but that was 2-years ago so it was time – again! If we’re not on top of all the ‘stuff’ in our lives, it can really accumulate. When it comes to home organization, I really try and keep the river flowing – something comes in, something must go out – but somehow with bathrooms, there’s a log-jam in my river.

Home Organization Project Week #21 from Go Gingham
Before, during and after: drawer liners are leftover oil cloth fabric pieces. Gingham, of course.

For once, I’m glad we only have small bathrooms!

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

  1. Weekly: This week’s project – bathroom cabinets and drawers.
  2. Everything out: I took out everything – and vacuumed. Don’t ask me where all the dust comes from. Yuck.
  3. No contact: While I had made new contact paper with fabric (gingham, of course!) the cabinet that gets wet didn’t hold up too well – so I replaced it with oil cloth fabric scraps I had. Easy!
  4. Boxes: I used a shoe box and in the basement where I keep the “Costco” items (heaven forbid we be without shampoo or mouthwash for a second!) grouped items together with plain old boxes. Hey, I want my cute storage containers elsewhere in the house.
  5. All together: Grouping like items together helped me see what I had and clearly, our family will have the freshest breath around!
  6. Shelf assignments: The drawer in the main floor bathroom needed sorting. We also pared down on ‘hair’ items that once again my daughter has grown out of only now, she (and I) were ready to get rid of more items. The little girls in the neighborhood will be getting her hand-me-downs.
  7. Consolidate: So many containers of the same item! Before I buy a THING, I’m checking out my stash in the basement. I also will not be tricked by my kids with their, “But Mooooooom, I need more of _________.” I’ll be doing an inventory assessment, first.
  8. Eliminate: We pared down again. Less stuff, more donated and some given away. It took less than an hour to sort through all of the bathrooms (we have 2 small ones…) and replace the gingham liners. Again, weekly and baby steps.

Home Organization Project Week #21 from Go Gingham

To be honest, I want to stop this craziness but Brad just said he’s getting ready to tackle the garage. Yesss!!!! Guess my “home organization weekly project” train in motion will continue for the rest of the year. Next year, don’t look for me to do a New Year’s Resolution that is quite so much work! I’m ready for a nap!

How’s your home organization coming along? Are you cleaning out another area each week, too?

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8 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 21

  1. I’m glad you linked to your bathroom project — I hadn’t seen that one before, and we really need to redo ours soon. I laughed when I read that you’re the toilet installer. Somehow I have acquired that title, too. I daresay I almost enjoy it!


  2. I got on a kick to clean out our bathroom drawers a few weeks ago. Not only do I wonder where the dust comes from … but the hair in them grosses me out! Eww!

    I’m loving your picture of cute hair doo-dads up above. You even found gingham barrettes!


    1. Yes, Kris, that is a gross out in bathrooms!
      Of course I found gingham barrettes…:) They haven’t adorned any heads in several years. They’re getting passed on.
      Way to go already tackling the bathroom drawers. They seem to need it regularly!


  3. It feels so good to get our “stuff” sorted and under control. My husband just said yesterday that he is ready to attack the drive shed and green house and garage next week. Is it weird that I am over the top excited about that? 🙂


    1. Heidi,
      It is not weird that you are excited about this! I’m excited for you 🙂
      We tackled some of our garage this past weekend – and we’d been dreading it. We’ve had some critters living in our garage – the not invited type – so it was a mess. The worst of it is done.
      Breaking the big projects into smaller ones has really helped us.
      Good luck with your clean out!!


  4. Why DO bathroom drawers seem to gather so much clutter? Seems like it ought to be the least likely place in the house, but no. I’ve been working on trying to cut back on bathroom clutter for the last year. It’s sort of working…


    1. Erin, that is THE question about bathrooms! They’re so small and yet so good at collecting stuff. I really have to watch myself because I’ll see a new a hair product and think I need it but I don’t! Stores and advertisers are good at getting me to pick up new items…
      Thanks, EFB! 🙂


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