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Recipe: Cole Slaw with a Kick

Recipe Cole Slaw Go Gingham

Do you ever feel like some vegetables are underrated? I do and to me, cabbage is THAT vegetable. It’s so good for you, inexpensive, and versatile. Cabbage can get forgotten about when hidden away in the back of the refrigerator and still be crunchy in a salad. It can also get sliced thinly, drizzled with olive oil then sprinkled with salt/pepper and oven roasted. Heaven.

Recipe Cole Slaw Go Gingham

Pickled cabbage (also known as sauerkraut) is a tasty way to eat it but the name (in English) doesn’t sound appealing. It’s not that I don’t like sauerkraut – I do – but what other condiment do you know begins with ‘sauer?’

Recipe Cole Slaw Go Gingham

My respect for cabbage runs deep. I tried growing it once. Notice the once. It became a cabbage head with an alien-like mini-head.

My attempt at growing cabbage wasn’t pretty.

We’ve always liked and made different types of cole slaw but they’re usually too bland without much taste. We’ve really settled in on this recipe as an easy to make, great tasting, go to cole slaw.

Recipe: Cole Slaw with a Kick

Fresh, colorful, and with enough flavor, you’ll agree with me on the ‘kick’ part!


Old Bay Seasoning is an East coast favorite. It goes well with salads, seafood, and pasta. It’s best on steamed crabs!

Recipe Cole Slaw Go Gingham

If you have a food processor, cole slaw is done in no time. Slice, shred, and stir the dressing and you’re done. Enjoy!

What’s your go to cole slaw recipe? Do you like salads with a kick?

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3 thoughts on “Recipe: Cole Slaw with a Kick

  1. I’m not a huge lover of cabbage–it’s ok–but beets, I think, are underrated and are delicious! Love their pretty color on my plate, especially in the winter.


    1. Kris,
      I love beets, too! I planted some last year that did ok – didn’t grow to be too big – but hopefully this year will be better.
      We eat the beet green tops as well. Do you? I treat them much like kale and chard – sauteed with olive oil, onion and garlic. Pretty much everything tastes great with those! LOL!! 🙂


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