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Camping and Cooking Supplies


When we did a 3-week camping trip around Oregon, it made us realize how few camping and cooking supplies we actually used or really needed. Fewer supplies meant less to keep track of and by investing in reusable items, there was nothing for us to throw out. With less stuff to pack and unpack, we were able to enjoy more, too.

Camp cooking supplies
I tried to catch fish here but nothing was biting.

Before heading into the great outdoors, I make a meal planjust in case we don’t catch dinner – and grab the camp cooking supplies container.

Labeled and stored in plastic bags helps when it rains.

Camping and Cooking Supplies

  1. Tub for washing dishes: When not in use, you can also pack your items into this. This tub can also double for other uses as well.
  2. Dish towels: For drying dishes. These can hang from a tree or your steering wheel to dry out overnight. Three dish towels are about right.
  3. Coffee pot: Ours is a second-hand store purchase that requires no filters (or according to my husband – cleaning!). We just rinse it and let it air dry.
  4. Pot with lid: One pot does it all and this little red pot is a 2-quart size. Boiling water, cooking pasta, and warming beans – anything can be done in here.
  5. Four each (one for each person in our family) medium size plates: Large size plates for each person take up too much room and the medium size is plenty big.
  6. Two each large size dinner plates: Sometimes you need a spot for your hot food to go and these plates also double as serving platters. And, if you have guests at the campsite, you’re set.
  7. Metal cups: Serving beans, milk, coffee, wine, or oatmeal? Each person gets their own and they can clean it, too. It can even be used for teeth brushing. (I do keep a spare cup – just in case.)
  8. Bowl: A small bowl. I thought we needed more of these but it turns out the metal cups work fine. When cooking eggs or a batter, this is nice to have.
  9. Cake tin: This does everything! It can double as a frying pan or is an extra lid. It can go on the grate, over the fire.
  10. Aluminum fry pan (back-packing): This is what we cook popcorn in, over the fire. Also for frying eggs, bacon, pancakes etc. Again, this is an item you can cook anything in and it folds up quite nicely. Ours is from a second-hand store – they always have these.
  11. Cutting board: Small cutting board. You’ll need to chop your veggies or filet the fish you catch from the lake.
  12. Spatula, tongs, and large knife: These are the only utensils really needed. A large spoon borrowed from the eating utensils can also be used for serving or stirring.
  13. Eating utensils, pairing knife, can opener, and bottle opener. Pack just enough for each person (or get a spork!) and minimum amounts of each means less to keep track of.


Buying these items used is an excellent way to save money – and resources! Be on the look out for these items at garage sales or estate sales.

This is our favorite book for finding just the right spot when camping.

Are you a tent camper or do you prefer to camp at a hotel?

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Here’s a short video of our camp cooking supplies…

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3 thoughts on “Camping and Cooking Supplies

  1. We got a very cool knife/spatula interchangeable set as a gift from Kershaw that we love for camping.It all wraps up into it’s own zipper kit, so no knife blades accidentally falling. It even has a fish fileting knife – as if I’d ever filet my own fish. Ha! Enjoy the summer.


  2. You’d laugh yourself silly if you ever saw my camping set up. I’ve decided that the phrase that applies to my camping style is Glamping. I don’t mind tent camping, but I want electricity and running water! I’ll look back through some of our photos and see if I have any of my kitchen set-up.


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