Home Organization Project 23

Home Organization Project Week #23 from Go Gingham
Doll furniture? Yep, it’s going.

When my kids were younger, I was forever stepping on Legos or finding doll shoes tucked here and there. Then, before I knew it, no more playing with toys. Kids moved on and didn’t play with any of their toys again. While I was ready to get our home organized and toys put away, none of us – or was it just me? were ready to part with them completely. Now, several years later, we are ready to clear items out!

Kids riding bikes
Kiddos 10-years ago – when they played with toys and outside.

Legos? Gone. Buyer must take all. Building blocks? Gone. Buyer must take all. Doll furniture? Gone. You get the idea. We are liquidating and it feels good! Game boards? Keeping plenty of those.

Home Organization Project Week #23

  1. Weekly. This week’s project: The top of the garage.
  2. Small. This was awful! You know we had the rat problem last week and our garage is in need of a major clean-out, so starting small with the top part made it doable.
  3. Clear and clean. No, didn’t clean, and left some stuff – gold panning tools (yes, those are inherited from my grandparents but we did use them on a 3-week camping trip) and plumbing stuff. When we tear down our garage and rebuild it – someday – we’ll deal with it then.
  4. Get set. Yes, get set for our garage sale! The doll furniture is all getting sold. We (my daughter and I) are now ready.
  5. Pack it out. Not everything could be sold. We had to throw out an entire bag of drop cloths. I know that I encourage everyone to donate everything BUT seriously – not items that have rat and other wildlife debris in them.
  6. Stop ME! I swore up and down to not store items in the attic of our house or the attic of the garage but in a desperate clean-out, stuff went into the garage attic. Brad (my husband a.k.a. ‘voice of reason’) tried to talk me out of this but I couldn’t be stopped. Truly, he is a good man because he warned me this would happen (the mess with the rats, etc.) but when we dragged everything down, he refrained from placing his hands on his hips and saying, “I told you so.” God bless him.
  7. Less is more. You know this is true. Our garage sale is in 8-days and I keep finding items to sell. Or giveaway. There will be a ‘free’ box.
Garage attic
We rebuilt the garage ourselves. There’s the attic that we cleaned out.

We are keeping very special items and those are now neatly stored in tubs in the basement. Not in the attic of our garage.

Do you store items in the attic? What do you have tucked away?

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As part of our New Year’s resolution, we’re cleaning out a different area of our house every week this year. Find all of the “weekly home organization projects” – or click the image below.
Home Organization in 52 weeks from Go GinghamPS Our garage sale is Saturday, June 21st, 2014 from 9am to 2pm. If you live near me, come by and say hi!! Several families are joining in the fun! If you want the address, email me.

8 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 23

  1. Just out of curiosity, did you keep any toys? When my kids outgrow theirs, I still want to keep a few on hand for when little people visit. I always appreciate it when friends or family have a few playthings on hand for my children–the novelty of new-to-them toys is so helpful in keeping them entertained.


  2. Oh, and BTW, your picture of your children above looks a LOT like my kids a couple of years ago. Somehow I ended up with two blue-eyed blondes (my hair and eyes are dark–they take after daddy!) and seriously, my kids resemble yours. Good-looking, aren’t they? 😉 Not that I’m prejudiced …


  3. This was just the “pep talk” I need to get going again.
    We’re not cleaning out our attic (ours is empty), but we are cleaning out our office and spare bedroom to make room for our baby who will arrive this fall.
    I get tired of going through stuff after a while, but this has inspired me to get back at it!


  4. Oh, just re-read your post a little more closely…. Let me know if there will be Legos at the garage sale, we’ll swing by!


    1. There’s a large container of Legos – buyer take all! I’m a little embarrassed to say that there is a holder for all of the directions that came with all of the small sets of Legos…What can I say? 🙂
      Come and get them! Sale begins at 9am.


  5. Embarrassed? That makes the legos worth even more! Even I, never one to be accused of being organized in any way, save those instructions.

    It’s all about priorities.


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