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Smoothie Tuesday, Smoothie Thursday and Sometimes Saturday

It’s not always easy getting kids to eat a balanced diet but I have an insurance policy: smoothies for breakfast. Thanks to Earthbound Farm for helping me share this post with you.

Breakfast smoothies from Go Gingham

Smoothies for breakfast have been our routine for years – but only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my non-workout mornings so I have more time in the kitchen before our day begins. Saturdays – well, you just never know about Saturdays, do you?

Making sure my kids eat a healthy breakfast is important because I have no idea what they eat all day long at school. They pack their own school lunches every day and it usually consists of: pretzels, graham crackers, and a granola bar. We call it, “The Dry Lunch.”

Smoothie Tuesday, Smoothie Thursday, and sometimes Smoothie Saturday are my insurance policy that fruits, vegetables, and protein are getting eaten before the dinner meal. If I tried to make smoothies every day, I’m pretty sure my kids would be on to me. If I view their diet in a week-long format, it works for me. Seeing “The Dry Lunch” get packed makes me crazy but my insurance policy – breakfast smoothies – makes this mom feel much better!

Breakfast smoothies from Go Gingham

My method for morning smoothies? Get it set the night before. Round up ingredients, peel citrus, add yogurt, milk, and hemp protein to the blender before I go to bed. Much like my routine of soaking dried beans the night before I’m cooking them, getting the smoothie ready the night before we’re eating it, makes the morning go smoother. Pun intended.

My latest addition to our smoothies? Earthbound Farm’s Smoothie Kickstarts. They’re frozen veggies and fruit to ‘kickstart’ your smoothies! Best part? They’re ready to go directly into your smoothie and they’re organic. (Here’s my list of what produce I buy that must be organic.) There are two varieties – kale + berry and mango + peach + carrot. I like fruit and veg going into those bellies before school starts!

Breakfast smoothies from Go Gingham

Earthbound Farm has a basic recipe on their Smoothie Kickstart package but they’ve asked me to share how I make them for our family. These smoothies are easy, simple, and healthy – and really – just right for any day of the week.

Breakfast Smoothies


If you’re new to making smoothies, whatever day of the week you choose to make them, Earthbound Farm has you covered. Their Smoothie Kickstarts have just the right proportions of frozen fruits and veggies to make 2 delicious smoothies. The packages take the guesswork out of adding greens – which I always tend to over add – and when I do, I hear about it! All you need to do is add your own liquid – whatever you prefer – fruit juice, coconut water, milk.

Here’s what I really like about these: my recipe for breakfast smoothies is always the same and sometimes that can get monotonous. Either of these Smoothie Kickstarts = kale + berry and mango + peach + carrot = can be used in the above recipe and the packages change the taste of the smoothie. So, when I’m on auto-pilot and putting the breakfast smoothie together, the Smoothie Kickstarts change it up for me. See what I mean about easy, simple, and healthy?

Wondering if the new Smoothie Kickstarts are at your local market? Earthbound Farm’s product locator is here. How cool is that? You can find a store near you that carries their products. They also have an entire line of frozen fruits  and ready to add to fresh (or frozen) greens. I buy their frozen berries in January – about the time the berries we’ve picked have run out. Frozen berries added to any smoothie make it super yummy!

Our family picks berries to freeze. We usually run out around January.

During the summer, any leftover smoothies get made into popsicles. All you need is a small cup and a popsicle stick. Oh, and a place in your freezer where it won’t get knocked over. Smoothies are very sticky to clean up in the freezer! I know this from experience.

Do you have a smoothie day of the week? What’s your “must include” smoothie ingredient?

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4 thoughts on “Smoothie Tuesday, Smoothie Thursday and Sometimes Saturday

  1. I always add spinach to smoothies. You can’t taste it, and it’s such a great way to get in a serving of vegies first thing in the morning! I used to be a doubter, but once I tried it I converted! I also usually mix the smoothie up the night before and add my chia seeds after I’ve blended everything else together. The seeds plump up overnight kind of like tapioca and give the smoothie a little more texture.

    A friend of mine blends all her greens with a little water then adds spirulina powder, then freezes that mix in ice cube trays. She pops out a few cubes in the morning and throws them in the blender with a banana and she has a nice cold smoothie for the ride to work.


    1. EFB, I was a doubter, too, but you are right…you can’t taste the spinach!
      Yes, the chia seeds can act as a thickening agent if left overnight. Not everyone likes that so if you don’t, add in the morning of.
      Oh, I like your friends’ routine, too. Very nice!
      Thanks, Erin!!


  2. My smoothies are always frozen fruit, yogurt and orange juice. Any kind of berry in the smoothie will hide spinach or kale.


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