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Home Organization Project 29

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

For this week’s home organization project, we must begin by remembering how awful my sewing studio looked. Yes, it was a complete mess. Then, it got worse! Are you wondering how that is even possible? Me, too!

Here’s where I started….I rearranged shelves and moved furniture around – first.

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

Then, I looked up at the ceiling for a super top-secret spot to store my bolts of fabric. The pipes gave me inspiration.

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham
The furnace exhaust pipes are tucked neatly in the rafter space so why not fabric?

After I got an idea of where the big pieces were going and cleaned/vacuumed everything, I put all of my fabric on the floor. Blah!

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

Knowing that it’s best to start organizing by clearing everything out and emptying everything – and sorting – that’s where I began. Of course I dragged my feet about this for several days. It’s my fabric! What if I need a teeny-tiny scrap of it for some reason?

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

After I put all on the floor – and nearly cried at the mess I had created – I got busy putting like fabrics together and rolled them up with rubber bands.

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

Here’s where I store my fabric – underneath my sewing table. The sewing table has a cover to hide my stuff, too.

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

I refuse to buy any more storage containers for my fabric so I left some items in bags. What’s in bags are scraps from particular projects – that I may reuse. The storage containers and bags got stashed underneath the table.

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

Brad likened my fabric stash to his collection of wood scraps in the garage. You never know when you might need a little piece of something – so you don’t want to get rid of anything. He’s right. But, then he so easily said, “Oh, just get rid of that scrap of gingham fabric. What could you possibly do with that?” Gasp!! For shame, my dear husband!

Here are a few shots of the overall area….

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

I feel so much better about this space now. And, I only got rid of one small bag of fabric. If you see me at the fabric store, don’t let me buy anything new until I use my scraps that are tucked away underneath the sewing table.

Home Organization Project 29 (10)

I used plastic tubs from the cupboards upstairs in our house – when I cleaned out and organized the kid’s piano music. One of the containers is for ‘mending’ so that when something needs fixing, it doesn’t get tossed onto my sewing table.

Home Organization Project Week #29 from Go Gingham

I still need to buy some peg board holders for the serger thread. Peg board is great for sewing and craft areas because you can move items around – easily.

Check that off the ‘home organization weekly project to do list,’ please. The garage and basement tool room are next…I’m dreading those but not as much….there’s no gingham fabric involved!

What’s your sewing or craft area status? Have you nearly cried during this dreadful, year-long organizing project?

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6 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 29

  1. We’ll see if the Mr. tosses out things from the tool section next week as freely as he suggested you toss out fabric scraps! Betting on not so much.

    I like to keep my fabric in clear plastic tubs so I can kind of see which box I want to dig into. Good work on the sewing room!


  2. Hi Sara. Don’t use rubber bands for your fabric. Once the rubber melts, the fabric will be ruined. My mom uses scraps of fabric to tie the fabric rolls. My mom put her fabric stash in two cupboards plus numerous plastic bags. She said that someday those will be mine 🙂
    I enjoy your weekly organizing posts.
    Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.


    1. Lanny, that is a great tip! Thank you. Because my fabric is in the basement of our house – which stays cool year round – the rubber fortunately won’t melt. The rubber bands usually wear out long before they do anything else for me! I like your mom’s idea of wrapping the fabric with scraps of fabric. That’s my new routine for wrapping up my fabric instead of using rubber bands. Thank you for writing in and sharing your mom’s wonderful techniques. Can’t wait for your to inherit the treasures… 🙂


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