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BlogHer Recap

Go Gingham at BlogHer Food

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s get out from behind my computer screen – and go to a conference! If you think I’m crazy for enjoying a conference, then you’ve never been to conference with a bunch of bloggers. It’s fun!

Put on by BlogHer, this was the 10th anniversary conference for BlogHer. The term ‘blogger’ was new back when BlogHer put on their first conference but they’ve had lots of practice since. Remember I went to BlogHer Food in Seattle? And, did you forget about BlogHer Food in Austin?

What’s a conference like? Imagine all of your friends that you know from Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook – all together and in real life – IRL – not just on social media.

BlogHer 2014 Fun
Kim, Cheryl and myself – food – Jocelyn, me, and Jordan.

My friend, Kim Demmon – from Today’s Creative Blog and Cheryl Sousan – from Tidy Mom were at the conference. Sisters Jocelyn and Jordan – who I met at The Big Traveling Potluck conference – were there, too.

Add a few speakers like Arianna Huffington and Kerry Washington – oh – and sessions to learn new things.

Stir into the mix good food, cold drinks, and meeting new friends and talking with representatives from quality companies – you get the idea.

It’s exhausting! Luckily, I had a day to regroup before…..

My son and his friend flew down to meet me after the conference. The 3 of us toured colleges around northern California. There’s nothing like the metabolism of teenage boys and one of our stops was In-N-Out to chow down on burgers and fries!

College tour with teens
University of San Francisco, teen boys, and St. Mary’s College.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my sponsors for this conference. Earthbound Farm and Cartonomy both sponsored me to attend BlogHer. Are you wondering what that means? Well, it means that they covered my expenses. It costs a lot for bloggers to attend a conference – entrance fee + transportation + hotel – and when a company ‘sponsors’ me, they’re paying for these costs.

No one pays me to write this blog but it’s very nice when a company – whose values align with mine and the Go Gingham brand – wants to work with me and cover my costs. Thank you very much!

Thank you, dear readers, for reading Go Gingham and supporting brands that help support this site.

Would you like to sponsor me to attend a conference? You can – find the details here.

Do you like to attend conferences? What blogger conferences have you been to?

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