Home Organization Project 32

Home Organization Project Week #32 from Go Gingham

Hello freezer in the kitchen. How did you get to be so out of control? Your counterpart – the 14-cubic-foot freezer in the basement – is so nicely organized – mostly. What went wrong with you? Summer? Too many cooks in the kitchen? Oh, when will this home organization weekly project madness end?

Home Organization Project Week #32 from Go Gingham

Home Organization Project Week #32

  1. Weekly. This week’s project: the freezer in our kitchen.
  2. Small. This was an easy week. After the garage re-do last week, this was all I could muster up. Plus, it was dangerous when the freezer door got opened and items came flying out. There were two containers of ice cream jammed in the ice cube drawer!
  3. Clear and clean. Did you know the drawer in the freezer can slide out and get cleaned? True. Honestly maybe I had forgotten this. It was an absolute disaster! Yes, that refrigerator was new when we bought our house – 19-years ago!
  4. Get set. Well, I got set by taking everything out of the freezer. Boy were we surprised! A paint brush – with paint on it, Pedialyte pops (yes, for little kids – which our teenagers have long outgrown), and my yoga toes. I take responsibility for the yoga toes being in there – they’re a nice summer treat for you feet – but I had forgotten them several years ago.
  5. Pack it out. Once the 15 bananas got thawed, we put those in containers to use in recipes. It’s my fault there were so many bananas. Once they start to turn, I don’t like to eat them and I don’t want them to become food waste. The plan is to bake with or toss them into something. But, 15 bananas? Really? Of course – the stash of vegetable scraps and chicken bones for making broth stayed put.
  6. Stop buying. Well, we can’t stop buying food but there were 2 opened bags of flour – the same type of flour. My daughter talked me into buying Bob’s Red Mill ‘white’ flour for a few recipes. Can I blame the flour on her? Honestly, you couldn’t see what was in there but now – it’s much better.
  7. Less is more. Less is more – and now our feet are safe from items flying out and the ice cube container can hold ice cubes – if anyone cares to make them.
Home Organization Project Week #32 from Go Gingham
Yes, we have frozen bananas – a lot of them!

Thank you to my husband. He opened the freezer last week to find two containers of ice cream in the ice cube container. That drives me crazy! It was his idea to grab the camera and clean it out. It needed doing but I think he was trying to avoid his closet – which is slated to happen soon.

Home Organization Project Week #32 from Go Gingham

And the door looks pretty sweet, too! Ignore the awful sticker on the door, please. It won’t come off.

Home Organization Project Week #32 from Go Gingham

Little, small easy baby steps to organizing our homes. Go tackle an area right now. You can do it!

How’s your freezer? What goodies do you have stashed in there? How many bananas?

52 weeks of home organization

As part of our New Year’s resolution, we’re cleaning out a different area of our house every week this year. Find all of the “weekly home organization projects” – or click the image below.
Home Organization in 52 weeks from Go Gingham

5 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 32

  1. I’ll take your bananas! They are great in smoothies as well as baked goods. I’ve never tried banana ice cream (I think you throw frozen bananas and milk in the blender and whir away) but I’ve heard good things about it.

    I hear ya on the freezer. My hubby also cooks so I feel like I’m forever rearranging the freezer. It will probably get worse as my kids get older and join the cooking rotation. But … I’m grateful for the help, so I try to overlook the hassles of having more than one person doing the cooking.


    1. We’ll eat those bananas – I actually thawed them enough to peel and then froze them in recipe size containers – BUT I had no idea there were so many! It’s as if they had multiplied.
      Lots of cooks in the kitchen does make things more chaotic but I don’t want to discourage cooking!
      Banana ice cream is enough to make: bananas + splash of sweetener + walnuts or pecans. We keep it on hand for an easy gluten-free dessert.
      Thanks, Kris!!


  2. I love all of you home organization projects they are very motivating. But……this on scares me a little. Do you realize that if this is week 32 there are only 20 weeks until Christmas(less than 20 actually).


    1. Very true, Nina! It’s funny how chopping up the year by week has mad me realize these points in time as well. I honestly think my husband is counting down this project, too, so that we can be done with it! LOL!
      What areas are you focusing on in your home organizing?
      Thanks for writing in, Nina. 🙂


  3. Just an idea: The last post of the year could be a list of all the areas cleared out. I might be able to adapt it and use it in 2015 as my To Do list!


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