5 Simple Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Moving toward a healthier lifestyle is easy with these 5 simple steps. Thanks to Silk Soymilk for helping me share this with you.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be difficult, take lots of time or cost money. Follow these 5 simple steps to a healthier lifestyle and feel good – both mentally and physically – today!

  1. Get it set: Get workout clothes ready the night before and put them on first thing in the morning. When the alarm goes off, get going on the walk, run, yoga class or trip to the gym before any excuses arise. If my workout routine gets done in the morning, I do it. Later in the day, I have too many excuses.
  2. Get a partner: Working out with a partner, friend, or group means you’re less likely to skip. When someone is waiting, don’t let them down. Grab your workout gear and go. When my Wednesday morning walking crew shows up at our scheduled time, I know they’re expecting me to be there. We love to catch with each other on our weekly walks!
  3. Eat real food: By keeping healthy, whole foods on hand, when hunger strikes, junk food isn’t an option. Keep containers of crunchy carrots and fresh celery around so there’s something to munch. I have all the will power in the world, as long as it’s not in my house. I don’t buy what I don’t want to eat – or have my family eat.
  4. Make a plan: Weekly meal planning (here are 11 reasons to meal plan) gives a guideline for what healthy meals are getting cooked – and what healthy foods need to bought at the farmer’s market or grocery store. Evenings go smoother if I know what we’re having for dinner. If we have a plan, we eat healthier at home – skipping fast food restaurants. Added bonus? Cook extra and enjoy a healthy, tasty lunch the next day.
  5. Watch the liquid calories: Do you know how many calories are in those seasonal fancy drinks from the coffee shop? While watching what’s getting eaten, don’t forget to watch what’s getting drinken’! Need a treat? Try this protein packed drink: 1 cup Silk Soymilk – Chocolate + 1/3 cup frozen raspberries – blend until smooth. At 120 calories, 5 grams of plant-based protein, and no cholesterol; it’s tasty and refreshing.

Need more ideas for healthy living? Try these….

Save time and money by exercising at home! Here’s my workout gear for exercising at home. Yes – hula hooping – good for the core – and walking poles – good for the upper body – are part of my exercise routine. I like to keep it fun and hula hooping is fun!

Get fresh vegetables cut and prepped for snacking. I like to grow or buy long carrots with the tops on. They taste so much better! Skip baby carrots with these steps.

Tomatoes and herbs are easy to grow – even if you don’t have a green thumb! My biggest success in the garden? Arugula – which is practically a weed. It’s tasty in salads. Find easy herbs to start growing in your garden or patio or window sill.

Don’t wait to start living a healthier lifestyle. Healthy bodies and healthy minds make for long, healthy lives – and that saves us all.

What steps do you take to live a healthy life? What would you add to this list?

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