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Home Organization Project 35

Before home organization Go Gingham

Ever since we started this year-long process of organizing our home and getting rid of ‘stuff,’ I’ve been waiting to tackle this room. It’s been a mess for years! While we’ve talked about sorting through stuff and getting rid of items, out of sight means out of mind. Unlike the other big home organization projects we’ve done – the garage with all of its contents – and – the sewing area with all of my fabric – the tool room is not really used except to store items.

Unorganized tools before

Brad – my husband – has been trying to avoid tackling this room. He succeeded until now.

Unorganized tool room Go Gingham

Why do we need so many tools and building items? Well, after 24-years of marriage we’ve rebuilt 2 houses, rebuilt a garage, and built a chicken coop. You never know when you’ll need a tool. Or other building supply.

Peg board tools before

Honestly, the room is somewhat organized. We can mostly find what we’re looking for.

Home organization weekly project

The peg board is nice, too. While we have matching tool boxes – my father-in-law made them for us years ago, having tools where you can see them is really convenient.

Tool room before

We don’t go into the tool room unless we really need something – like a tool. It’s also where we kept our refill containers of cleaning supplies – which we got rid of already – because we’ve switched over to cleaning supplies that are basically food items. (Here’s why we’ve been slowly changing our cleaners.)

Before tool room
There’s only a little pathway for walking. Trouble.

So, we’re tackling our last big area. Since I took these pictures, the room is almost empty. It’s a huge mess in our entire basement – including my pretty sewing area. Waaahhh!! This may or may not be done by next week. We shall see. You might be reading about an easy project for next week! Stay tuned….

How’s your decluttering and sorting project coming along? What are you tackling this week?

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8 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 35

  1. That looks like a multi-week project to me. Thanks for your honesty-in-blogging. Sometimes I wonder what people would think if they went through certain areas of my home–posts like this make me realize that I’m not the only one with messy corners!


    1. Kris,
      Everyone has messy corners and rooms but not everyone shares them! I certainly didn’t want to share but after posting the before pictures of my sewing area, it got easier! 🙂
      The tool room is getting worked on right now – I got a lunch break!
      Can’t wait until it’s done and we can celebrate!!
      Thanks for writing in, Kris.


  2. Go, Sara, Go!

    Seriously, I know how long this kind of project can take. Definitely has to be done in stages. Reminds me of the Herculean task my daughter’s room was a few months back. The first thing I had to do there was empty (and simultaneously purge) it. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out! 🙂


    1. Rita,
      It’s So awful when things have to get worse before they get better! We’re taking a break from the project right now and we are making progress but honestly – BLAH!!
      This year has really made me stop bringing things home – not everything but I do consider the costs a lot more. And by costs, I don’t always mean dollars because we are paying right now – with our time!! 🙂
      Thanks, Rita!


  3. We have to get our basement sealed b/c water’s coming in – ugh – so we’ll be tackling that project next, but I think our tool room is also on the list . I recommend beer to help this project along. Good luck to you.


    1. Hey EFB,
      I’m no wet basement expert BUT once we moved where our gutter connected to the sewer, our basement dried out! It was such an easy fix and even though the basement is damp – old houses – it is dry.
      Good luck!! We’re on a break from the project now….at least it’s a cool spot to spend on a hot day! LOL! Eternal optimist. 🙂 Thanks, Erin and good luck!


  4. We are done and working on nothing! 🙂 That’s the benefit of having a tiny, tiny house. And we have done like you, quit bringing things into the house!

    Your progress is impressive!


    1. Janna, good for you! I think that’s the trick with houses – you fill up the space you have. Thank you for your kind words – we spent all weekend working on this little room and then most of today recycling all of our items. It feels so good and looks so clear!! Loving it!


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