Shopping eBay for the Holidays

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Have you ever bought anything on eBay? I have – lots of used items – jeans, artwork, rugs, and many more! I’ve also sold lots of items on eBay. What I didn’t know about eBay is that you can buy new items on eBay.

What can you buy new? Well, I recently bought a new lens for my camera. We’ve also bought a muffler from eBay – and you don’t really want to buy a used one of those, do you?

You can buy just about anything on eBay and they have lots of really good deals – if you need to buy something. Some items are “buy right now at the price” and other items are “bid to buy” – however you like to shop.

What do they have for sale? Lots of items that I would never have thought they sell. eBay would like me to share these with my readers and I may share – sometimes. Or regularly – let’s see how it goes.

While I am frugal, let’s face it, I do shop and buy things we need. (Sometimes, I even buy things I don’t need – like shoes!) You can’t go through life without buying items. When I do shop, I want the best price on items – whether buying those items new or used.

Shopping online can offer delivery – to your front door – which at this time of year, saving time can be as valuable as saving money.

Here are the eBay holiday home specials.

Have a look and see what you think. I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Happy holiday shopping!

Have you ever bought any new items on eBay? What have you bought used from eBay?

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4 thoughts on “Shopping eBay for the Holidays

  1. I love shopping E-Bay! Based on my feedback score (607) I’ve purchased about 500 items in the last 14 years (some of my feedback came from selling also). My most recent purchase was a couple weeks ago – a pair of jeans (new without tags). What I find amusing is that when I physically go to a store, I can never find the right size, but on E-bay I can ask the measurements of an item and it fits perfectly every time. Probably 50% of my household’s wardrobe (new and used) is from E-bay. I find their “search” function easier to use than Amazon!


    1. That is great, Liana! It’s funny about the jeans – all of my jeans are from eBay or Goodwill. 🙂 But, the jeans from eBay don’t need mending whereas the jeans from Goodwill usually do – I guess that’s why they’re there!
      Thanks for sharing ~


  2. I have purchased probably about 10 items on eBay, and they all have been fantastic. A $500 handbag for <$50, a $275 pair of sandals for <$25, and some additional plates for my favorite set of everyday china I originally bought in the '80s. I also bought some little pilgrim candles like my grandmother had – a very sentimental find. I forget to use eBay as a source, but it has been fantastic!


    1. Oh, Michelle, very nicely done! I like the style with the bargains 🙂
      It’s hard to know what’s possible when you’re shopping around on eBay. Way to go on those deals/steals and finds!


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