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Home Organization Project 48

Christmas Decorations Go Gingham

When you decorate for a holiday only once a year, do you ever forget about what decorations you have? Then, when you get everything out, does it seem like everything is new and pretty? That’s what happened to me this week.

Oh, look how beautiful these are! I forgot we had these! Where did these come from?

We sorted the ornaments as we put them up. Much like the harvest and Halloween decorations that got sorted through, I recycled some items andΒ  tucked others away. We parted with some and held onto the keepsakes.

Mostly, I like to decorate with what we already have. Red candles can quickly turn a mantle into a festive scene without much effort. These are from Ikea where I think the candles are a good deal but they’re not drip-less. This can get a little messy.

Holday Decorations Go Gingham

What I really need is Mr. Carson (from Downton Abbey) to round-up those footman to polish all of the silver in our house. My goodness! Even with holiday red candles in the holders to distract the eye, the silver looks brown-ish, grey-ish.

We kept our homemade and only meant to last one-year tree topper – Tree Topper Tale. You probably have all the materials needed to make one at your home right now. It’s lasted 23+ years and still looks great!

I also like to decorate with nature – and items that can easily be collected and composted. These pine cones I collected on a camping trip several years ago. They’re holding together but once they start to fall apart, into the compost container they go.

Decorating with Nature Go Gingham

I pared our Christmas decorations down to these two containers plus a bag that I keep our front door wreath stored in. It doesn’t take long to decorate with the tablecloths and table throws. They’re made from old curtains from the Polo/Ralph Lauren store where I used to work. Different wool fabrics all look similar with gold trim added.

Organizing Christmas Decorations Go Gingham

This is another holiday decoration I love – the Advent wreath. This is a ring of chicken wire and greens are stuck into it. Our church hosts an annual “Advent Fair” and there’s good cheer, cookies, and Advent wreath decorating.

Christmas Decorations Advent Wreath Go Gingham

And, of course at Christmas, it’s the tree itself that makes a statement – and takes over our living room! We cut it down last weekend and the spiders who lived in the tree are now living in our home. I’d really like to get a sustainable, reusable tree but Brad won’t hear of it. He loves to cut the tree down every year and have red lights. Compromise.

Pine Cones Go Gingham

It feels good that I killed two birds with one stone this week – cleaned out the Christmas decorations and got the house looking festive and ready for the holidays. Next week, it’s the laundry area…I think! Who knows if I’ll get a bee in my bonnet and attack another area. Happy holidays + organizing!

How are your holiday decorations? Do they need cleaning out and sorting through?

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9 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 48

  1. You home looks lovely! We just decorated the tree last night and it feels good to get the boxes put away into the attic again. I tend to re-use my decorations every year with the same basic plan, adding in small variations. A few years ago, I bought a reuseable magnolia leaf and pomagranite garland for the mantel, stairs, and dining room chandelier, etc. I still love it and look forward to using it every year!


    1. Thank you, Annie! I do love getting the tree decorated. Whenever it’s up, I drag my computer and work out to sit next to it. Why not? We have to enjoy this time year.
      Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  2. Down to two tubs!! Thats amazing. I only put 1/3 of my decorations out this year…trying to be frugal with my time πŸ˜‰ I love that advent wreath….which reminds me I need to get some new candles, we are using last years candles…maybe we will just stick with those on second thought! Your house looks amazing!


    1. Oh, Sheila, thank you! Our Advent candles can usually go two years – as long as it doesn’t burn for too long.
      I like that you’re being frugal with your time – it’s a valuable resource especially at this time of year.
      Thanks, Sheila!!


  3. Very pretty, Sara! We have a real fireplace, too, and I love it. OK, it gets messy, but it also becomes a gathering place for my family.

    Yes to Mr. Carson! Although isn’t silver supposed to be a funny brownish color? πŸ˜‰ Polishing silver is NOT on my priority list!


    1. Thank you, Kris! Yes, it does get messy with a real fireplace put I’ve decided to ignore it and embrace the goodness that happens around it.
      I should say ‘cloudy’ about the silver – and no it’s not a priority for me either. It all looks fine without my reading glasses, too! πŸ˜‰


      1. Oh, the reading glasses. Gotta love our late 40s.

        I forgot to mention, I like your Advent wreath. You do a nice job of combining fun and meaning into your holiday (much like you do with this blog!).


  4. Your home looks so comfy, with just the right amount of holiday decor–enough to look special, not so much it looks like a store display. Aiming for that same sweet spot for ours, starting tomorrow. I love a real tree, too. πŸ™‚


    1. Rita, you’re sweet – thank you!
      I forgot to add that I put up some lights on the front porch, too. They’re on a timer which is my favorite thing in the world right now! I don’t have to run out and plug/un-plug. It’s the simple things πŸ™‚
      Have fun decorating your home and thanks for sharing!


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