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Green Living Tip 2 {Ditch Paper Towels}

How to eliminate paper towels from Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: ditch your paper towels. Are you thinking, “Say what? But how will clean? How will I wipe?” Easy. Find some cute wash cloths that match your kitchen decor and a basket to stash them in. Put these in place of your paper towels.

Start by hiding your paper towels. This will start to break the habit we all have of grabbing a paper towel when there’s a spill or we need to dry our hands. Once the paper towels are out of sight and they’re replaced with hand towels or wash cloths, everyone will get used to the new routine. Trust me, if my family can do it, every family can!

How to eliminate paper towels from Go Gingham

You’ll know that you have your paper towels hidden in case of emergency or for when you need a cloth for really greasy cooking – like bacon – but the paper towels can remain hidden. And, our little secret.

Do you hide paper products? Are you trying to limit paper towel use, too?

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4 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 2 {Ditch Paper Towels}

  1. I ditched paper towels a long time ago and haven’t missed them! I do keep a roll on hand to clean up doggie accidents, but I buy one roll maybe every other month. Sara, your washcloths are so pretty and look great in that basket!


  2. Long time follower (never post comments) but you’re famous! Just read and saw pics in Oregonian this morning! Very fun. We are nearby in Tualatin 😉


    1. How fun, Dawnelle! It was a crack-up having a photographer follow me around on my routine…felt like the paparazzi!
      Thanks so much for writing in and have a great day 🙂


  3. We never use paper towels, and we never miss them. We, too, use regular towels or rags for spills. We also, like you, use cloth napkins instead of paper. Saves money and the environment. Yay.


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