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Green Living Tip 3 {Buy Produce in Season}

Buy what's in season Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: buy produce in season. Produce that’s grown locally has a shorter distance to travel to reach the grocery store, is fresher, and is plentiful. During the growing season there are lots of fruits and vegetables and you know what happens when there’s lots of an item at the market, right? Yes, it’s on sale! This is an excellent time to stock up.

I check the newspaper for what’s in season before making our weekly meal plan. (Here are 11 reasons to meal plan every week.) Checking what’s in season – and what’s on sale – in the produce section, allows me to feed my family healthy fruits and vegetables. We all need to eat more produce, so why not start today?

Buy what's in season Go Gingham

Why not buy a bunch of berries and freeze them for later use? Or buy lots of green beans and pickle them? Don’t forget that shredded zucchini can be easily frozen and used in stir fry for a quick dinner. If you can, make jams and jellies to enjoy later.

What’s your favorite produce item to stock up on when it’s in season?

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One thought on “Green Living Tip 3 {Buy Produce in Season}

  1. The regional supermarket where I shop most had baby watermelons featured in their ad this week, for Easter. In summer I would buy them, USA-grown and maybe even grown locally, but the tag read “Columbia.” This item stayed in the store. I get that people want them, but for me it was not the best choice.


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