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Green Living Tip 7 {Start a Vegetable Garden}

Green Living Tip 7 {Start a Vegetable Garden} Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: start a vegetable garden. It’s easy and fun, too. Start a small vegetable or herb garden and grow your own tomatoes, basil or thyme. Even if you’ve never gardened before or grown your vegetables, summer is the time to start and nothing tastes better than freshly picked tomatoes that you’ve grown yourself.

Even in a very small space there is usually room for a pot or two in a yard, on a porch or on a balcony. Growing these items is easy (they’re so hardy!), tastes great, and they take up very little space. We found 5 spots to start a garden – and our home in the city has a very small yard. We also have chickens, too – we fell in love with backyard chickens.

Plant a vegetable garden from Go Gingham
Sky gardening: small space of dirt but lots of green beans!

Growing vegetables and herbs yourself helps beat the cost of buying organic vegetables at the grocery store and it feels so good to eat the food you’ve grown yourself. There’s nothing that tastes better! Many herbs, like oregano, rosemary or thyme can winter over and last for years. Who doesn’t like the flavor of homegrown, vine-ripened tomatoes? There’s nothing better.

Have you started a vegetable garden? What do you like to grow? Do you like tomatoes?

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3 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 7 {Start a Vegetable Garden}

  1. As you know, my hubby is the gardener in our household. He has “gardens” for the kids, as well–usually a couple of tomato plants and maybe a pepper plant. I think it has made my kids more accepting of eating their veggies. They have been known to hand spinach leaves over the fence to the neighbor kids (who gobble it down). Fresh really IS best. One thing I miss about living here versus where I grew up across the state is that there are very few sweet corn farmers here. Eating sweet corn that was picked a few hours ago is sooooooooooo tasty (yes, I know that corn is technically a grain, but I grew up eating it as a vegetable!).


  2. My mom lives at Terwilliger Plaza in Portland (retirement home) and the residents can grow tomato plants in 5 gallon tubs on the roof which they call “tomato alley”. The gardener actually plants the tomatoes and waters them. The residents just have to pick them!


    1. Dream come true! 🙂
      I love that they are making use of the roof space. Very smart and so good for the folks who live there. Roof tops are an untapped growing space. Thanks, Meg!


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