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Green Living Tip 6 {Install Awnings}

Go Gingham: How to make awnings

Today’s green living tip: install awnings on the outside of your windows to keep the sun from heating up the inside of your home. Awnings probably aren’t the first thought that comes to mind when considering how to keep a house cooler. Awnings also require work to make and install yourself (here’s how we made awnings ourselves) or money to have someone do it for you – but it pays off. The house is cooler – on average by about ten degrees – and there’s less use of air conditioning.

Awnings are the “old air conditioning” system that our grandparents used. No, it won’t be optimal for a week of 90+ degree days but it is great for most days. Awnings can take the edge off the peak sun during the day. Once the sun has gone down, open up the windows and let the cool evening air (and hopefully a breeze!) cool off the house.

Green Living tip: add awnings from Go Gingham

Awnings save energy and save money. Added bonus: they can be made in fabric to match your house colors. Keep cool and have a lovely looking home – yes!

How do you keep your house cool? Do you block the sun with any clever methods?

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