Green Living Tip 12 {Recycle Non-Curbside Items}

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Today’s green living tip: recycle non-curbside items. Recycling of paper, glass, and cans is great but not all items we use are taken as part of the curbside pick up. Search out stores and/or facilities that will take items like batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, plastic containers, and cork.

What else can we do? Encourage our local governments to accept more products at the curb for recycling so they don’t end up in the landfill. Remember when I took Costco and other stores to task for not recycling the packaging of the items they sold? Well, I called Costco’s corporate offices and spoke to their VP of recycling and he told me that they do whatever the local government requires. We can no longer toss everything into the ground or landfills and leave it for the next generation. We must take action and ask our government to help!

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Doing a little wood recycling of my own!

With a little research (ah – the wonders of the internet!) you should be able to find some city related or private companies that will accept these items for free, or low cost, and prevent them from entering the landfill. My local market New Seasons accepts wine corks. Who knew?

Where do you take your non-curbside recyclables? Do you have a spot to take items?

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3 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 12 {Recycle Non-Curbside Items}

  1. Last week we took 3 pieces of out-of-date computer hardware to a major nationwide retailer for recycling. These would no longer work with the current software, they were so old. And now the rare-earth elements inside them can be used to make other items.

    A couple of years ago I Free-cycled an old cathode-ray TV. I did add the converter box so the TV would work.


  2. We sat in line for over an hour yesterday for a 2 county ecycle event to recycle electronics, household waste and paper to be shredded. They don’t have these very often in our area so that explains the crowd. We filled out their survey suggesting they do it more often!


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