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Green Living Tip 13 {Reuse Glass Jars}

Green Living Reuse Glass Jars Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: reuse glass jars. It’s one of the simplest ways to save the environment – and money! Reusing glass jars for storing household staples couldn’t be easier. Peanut butter jars are our favorite for reuse. They hold everything from our homemade granola to tastiest ever chicken broth. Any glass pickle jar or jam jar works equally well. They all provide an assortment of sizes but skip the plastic and look for glass.

What else do we store in our cleaned out glass jars? Because we shop as much as possible from the bulk bins, we store nuts, seeds, brown rice, and popcorn to name a few. (Here’s how we shop from the bulk bins.) We also buy gallon sizes of all of our vinegars and rather than keep them stored in plastic jugs, we switched over to storing them in glass gallon jugs. The glass gallon jugs were an estate sale find. I love how they look!

With each purchase of a store bought staple, I look for glass that can be reused. Most glass jars come with nice self-sealing metal tops. Use smaller jars for mixing up salad dressing or small amounts of leftovers. They do well stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer. You can also use them for drink glasses because they’re very sturdy and you can put a lid on them for easy storing.

Green Living Reuse Glass Jars Go Gingham

By not having to purchase plastic storage containers, or any other food storage containers, it helps save our environment and it also helps save you money. Why buy a cookie jar when you can store them in a reused glass jar? (Here’s the recipe for those tasty looking chocolate chip, coconut cookies.) It’s easier to take the entire jar with you on a picnic – and everyone loves homemade cookies on a picnic!

What’s your favorite glass jar to reuse? Do you buy food staples for the reuse possibilities?

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2 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 13 {Reuse Glass Jars}

  1. And I thought this post was about how eating chocolate chip cookies was a green thing to do. šŸ˜‰

    We re-use all sorts of containers. Canning jars and glass jars for homemade jam and jelly are great!


    1. It is! You eat the chocolate cookies and drink milk in the re-purposed glass jar!! Well, you can dunk the cookies, too, if you’d like. šŸ™‚
      Today I’m bringing a big glass jar filled with chocolate chip cookies to the track meet. Pretty sure they’ll disappear in an instant!
      Thanks, Kris.


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