Green Living Tip 18 {Carry a Water Bottle}

Green Living Carry Water Bottle Go Gingham
My purse has a water bottle holder!

Today’s green living tip: carry a water bottle. To reduce plastic waste, and save money, on any outing – running errands, a plane trip, a picnic, school lunches – bring along a reusable water bottle. You can refill them anywhere!

As one of our family New Year’s Resolutions one year, we decided to skip buying bottled water and get reusable water bottles (stainless steel) ones instead. After one month into our resolution, we realized how easy it was to skip buying throw-away water bottles and refill instead. (Here’s how not to spill at a picnic!)

With a seal-able top, it’s super convenient to slip into a handbag or backpack. And best of all the water refills are free at any available water fountain or sink. Look for drinking fountains when you’re out and about and refill!

What’s your routine for carrying a water bottle?

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2 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 18 {Carry a Water Bottle}

  1. We’ve carried water bottles ever since our kids were tiny. They traveled more happily if they could control getting their own water, and it was cheaper than buying bottled water. Now it has become an ingrained habit. I was probably more inspired to do this by the cost savings than the “green” savings initially, but it all results in the same thing, right?


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