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Green Living Tip 17 {Ditch Paper and Plastic}

Green Living Ditch Paper + Plastic Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: ditch paper and plastic. It’s an easy and excellent way to help the environment and “up” the elegance at home or on an outing – like when going on a picnic. Opting for dishes and glasses that can be used over and over, instead of paper and plastic, saves on what goes thrown into landfills and it also saves on having to buy those items again and again.

At home, an inexpensive – and dishwasher safe! – option is to pick up an old set of glass plates and cups at a garage sale or thrift store. (Buy second-hand, first.) They always have them and they are very inexpensive. I have to stop myself from buying too many cute plates and glass-glasses!

Green Living Ditch Paper + Plastic Go Gingham

When bringing dishes with you on a picnic, having an easy way to transport them is key. A basket with dividers or even a piece of cardboard can keep small mason jars from clanking together. A towel placed around each glass works for this. For plates, look for metal ones. If using ceramic or glass plates, use a box to stack them in and place a cloth napkin between each one to protect them.

These are easy options and will have you dining in style in no time! If traveling with your glasses and dishes, don’t forget to bring something to wrap your dirty dishes and plates in for the return. That’s what I usually forget, but a towel or even a dirty table cloth works well. Pack up a picnic and live beautifully green without tossing trash into the garbage can!

What’s your favorite vessel for picnics – basket or backpack?

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