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Green Living Tip 20 {Save Seeds from Garden}

Green Living Save Seeds Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: save seeds from the end of the current garden season to plant in next year’s garden. You can enjoy this year’s produce and still have vegetables for the future. Arugula is the easiest seed to save – and it’s also very easy to grow. (Here are three easy herbs to grow.)

Vegetable and flower seeds save extremely well and keep the green cycle going. Once this year’s harvest of beans, arugula or marigolds has gone by, reserve a few of the old pods and place them in a dry, warm spot to dry out. Once they have dried put them in an envelope, labeled with the appropriate name, and they are ready for planting next year.

Don’t try saving seeds from hybrid plants because it won’t work. I learned this the hard way. Only seeds from open-pollinated plants will work after saving them and replanting the following year. Check out Organic Gardening for more details on this easy how to. My kale plants are going to seed right now and I’ll be pulling them soon and drying the seed pods. Yes, the kale wintered over and was tough chewing for a bit! We’ve been eating hardy kale all winter.

Grow vegetables from saved seeds

Enjoy your produce this year and then enjoy it again the following year. Go Green today by planting a garden!

Have you ever saved seeds? Do you like to plant vegetables?

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