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Green Living Tip 21 {Grocery Shop from the Bulk Bins}

Green Living Shop from Bulk Bins Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: grocery shop from the bulk bins. Buying food items from the bulk bins, reduces the amount of packaging that is produced. Think about how much packaging gets thrown out when buying a box of cereal or other packaged food item. The “bulk bin” section of the grocery store lets you buy only the amount you need of an item. This comes in handy especially for spices or nuts that you only need a small quantity of.

Most stores have a bulk bin section now and what they carry seems to be expanding. From nuts and seeds to flour and oats, to snack foods and spices, you can pick up a lot of what you need right there. My favorite bulk bins are at WinCo Foods. They’re carrying more organic products, too.

Green Living Shop from Bulk Bins Go Gingham
Labeling and writing out what I’ve purchased helps when everything looks the same!

By purchasing just the amount you want, and without the bulky box or plastic container, you’re helping the environment and your pocket book. Those are my kinda savings!

What items do you like to buy from the bulk bins?

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  1. Yes! Love buying from the bulk bins and storing everything in labeled glass jars. Less trash and the pantry looks neat.


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