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Green Living Tip 23 {Use Cloth Napkins}

Green Living Use Cloth Napkins Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: use cloth napkins. By replacing paper napkins with cloth napkins, you’ll reduce the amount of garbage generated from these, every single day. It’s easy to use cloth napkins when your household is one or two people but what to do with a house-full of dirty mouths?

Designate a specific color or pattern for each member of your household – and have two or three cloth napkins for each person. Use them until they’re dirty, then toss in the regular laundry load. Cloth napkins don’t need to be replaced and washed after every meal. Look for 100% cotton napkins because they’re more absorbent than polyester. (Here are mitered cloth napkins made for Thanksgiving – with an old Ralph Lauren skirt!)

Green Living Use Cloth Napkins Go Gingham

There’s no garbage and now the family mealtime is a little fancier. Try cloth napkins today!

Do you use cloth napkins? Was it an easy switch to make from paper napkins?

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3 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 23 {Use Cloth Napkins}

  1. We’ve used cloth napkins for years, and now I cringe when I have to use paper. Cloth is so much nicer than paper, and they’re quite easy to care for. I make mine by just serging the edge of the fabric – I’m not quite as fancy as you with your mitered corners. I recommend measuring a store-bought napkin to determine size if you’re making your own. I’ve made some too small before and they’re not so good. I guess I’m a messy eater or something! Garage sales are a great place to get these. I often find brand new sets – sometimes even with matching placemats.

    (PS Mt. Tabor Middle School rummage sale is this weekend if you’re in Portland)


  2. Using a different napkin ring for each family member is another way of reusing napkins until they need to be washed.


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