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Green Living Tip 27 {Eat Whole and Real Foods}

Go Gingham: Bounty of the garden

Today’s green living tip: eat whole and real foodsunprocessed – and it will be good for you and good for the environment. Mother Nature’s packaging is the best! Most whole foods – vegetables, fruit, fish, etc. – don’t come with a bunch of packaging that needs to be disposed of. Fresh fruit and vegetables are usually on the shelf, in their own “packaging” – better known as their skin. Nothing to get rid of by peeling or cutting off the outer edge – just compost it! Never composted before? Try these handy tips.

What about fish sitting on ice behind the counter? Yes, have them bag it but when you get home, rinse it out and recycle it. Another tip when buying a whole fish? Ask for the scraps – you’re paying for them – and have the fishmonger put them in another bag. These scraps are the beginning of delicious fish broth (follow these directions for making chicken broth but substitute fish) or you can plant the fish scraps with your tomato plants. Your tomato plants will be so happy! (Here’s how I plant tomatoes in the garden.)

Plant fish scraps with tomatoes Go Gingham
Not so appetizing to us but tomato plants love it!


So, go ahead, eat well and feel good about the garbage you’ve saved. Any “packaging” can go right back into the Earth.

What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable that is packaged by Mother Nature?

Go Gingham Earth Month:

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2 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 27 {Eat Whole and Real Foods}

  1. My husband is a fisheries biologist so we have lots of fish remains in our garden!

    Asking me what my favorite Packaged By Nature food is like asking me my favorite fruit … whatever is fresh! Asparagus in May, tomatoes in August …


    1. Oh, Kris! I wish you lived closer to me!! We planted tomatoes on Sunday (it’s my Mother’s Day gift – everyone helps plant tomatoes!) and we were light on fish scraps. I think we made one too many fish stews this winter so my freezer stock of fish scraps was low! Oh well…our plants will still be happy with what they have 🙂
      Happy planting and I like your Mother Nature packaging attitude!


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