Green Living Tip 28 {Bring a Bag Along}

Go Gingham: Plastic grocery bag alternatives

Today’s green living tip: bring a bag along. Wherever you go, just have one handy – car, purse, backpack, or bicycle – and tucked away so that you can say “no thanks” when offered a plastic or paper bag at the store. Or be like my stylish sister-in-law who brings a basket with her when she shops. Bringing along a bag means less waste for the Earth but it also saves retailers money – which they’re hopefully passing along to us!

This may seem like an easy one – and it’s even been legislated in a few places – but bringing your own bag (or bags) when you go shopping is a big saver. We received mesh bags for a wedding present 25-years ago and still use them every shopping trip. They also fit nicely in a pocket or my handbag. (Here are some green + frugal gift ideas!)

Green living reusable bag Go Gingham

Yes, I forget once in a while, but making the effort to remember, and keeping a stash of reusable bags in the car, helps. That way, when I head out to run errands or go to the grocery store, they’re handy. After unloading bags when I get home, I put the bags back in the car right away – that way I’m ready for the next trip. (Here’s how to jazz up a second-hand bag.) Make it a habit – it’s an easy one.

Cloth, paper or plastic, your reusable “holding device” will prevent unnecessary resources from being consumed and garbage from being produced. Go with a basket and you’ll look stylish, too!

How do you remember to bring bags with you? What’s your trick to remember them?

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7 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 28 {Bring a Bag Along}

  1. I carry a fabric hobo-style handbag that I bought at an arts and crafts show. The last time I went to the chain beauty-supply store, I asked for just my receipt for the items purchased. After all, the items were boxed and covered with cellophane, and really didn’t require a bag. I slipped them in my bag for the drive home.


  2. This is my issue exactly! I have no less than 10 bags in my car, but I forget to bring them into the grocery store! 😦 I am doing better this last two weeks– once even forgoing the plastic bag when I forgot to bring it in, just so I wouldn’t have yet another plastic bag to take to the recycle center.


  3. I often don’t put produce such as onions, carrots, peppers in a plastic bag even when I buy more than one of an item. Green beans? yes I use a produce bag. I should probably bring my own produce bags from home but haven’t gotten to that point yet.


    1. You are making progress, Meg, and that’s the point. Way to go! I have fabric to make some produce bags but haven’t gotten around to it yet….soon!
      Thanks, Meg!


  4. I often go to Aldi where you have to carry your own bags. I also opt for produce bags a lot. However, I keep some plastic bags as well. helps me clean up dog accidents around the house, hahaha!


  5. Thanks for the great wedding present idea. It came just when I needed it, so another couple started married life yesterday, several sturdy (and very attractive) reusable fold-into-nothing fabric bags richer!


    1. Anna, so glad to hear that the idea worked for you and your wedding gift recipients! I know I’m a practical gal but I’d much rather receive something I can use all the time for gift rather then a gift that sits in the cupboard – like fine china! 🙂
      Thanks for writing in to share this ~


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