Green Living Tip 30 {Share and Borrow Resources}

Green Living: Home swap Go Gingham
Home swapping is a great way to share resources – our homes!

Today’s green living tip: share and borrow resources. Whether it’s utilizing the library, borrowing your neighbor’s power tool or passing on your previously read magazines, we should share and borrow resources more often. We all don’t need to be buying these things ourselves. Everyone remembers “hand me down” clothing, right? Now the internet has opened up many more ways to share from our homes with AirBnB to our rides with Uber. The sharing economy is an exciting way for our us to pool our resources – and save!

Green Living: Home swap Gouda, Netherlands
My husband making himself at home during a home exchange in Gouda, Netherlands.

Sharing saves money, too! Here’s a list a 5 easy ways to save today.

Neighborhood group lists, Freecycle and tool lending libraries are just a few of the methods available to borrow and share. Take advantage! We can all save – by sharing. Home swapping is another way to share your home – and travel elsewhere – and stay for free. Save resources and get to know your neighbors – save the Earth and be friendly. It’s green and very Go Gingham!

What do you like to share? What do you borrow?

Go Gingham Earth Month:

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Green Living Go GinghamYou’ll find simple and easy ideas to implement at your home – and they’ll save money as well!