Green Living Tip 29 {Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap}

Green Living Make Liquid Soap Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: make your own liquid hand soap. This is surprisingly easy and it’s gentler on the environment – and your skin! Think about how many containers – pumpers, jugs, containers – of liquid hand soap, there are for sale. That’s a lot of plastic! This recipe is easy and makes 1-gallon of soap from one single bar of organic, non-gmo, and chemical free Dr. Bronner’s soap. You won’t miss the packaging, cost, or chemicals when you make this liquid hand soap.

Not only will this save you lots of money but it’s better for your skin, too. There are so many chemicals in soap – many of which we don’t need. Honestly, I’m not actually sure why companies put them all in there! Just this week, I visited my dermatologist (annual mole check – not my favorite appointment but I adore my doctor) and she told me a soap product, that she has recommended for years now, has an additional chemical in it that is causing lots of skin problems in her patients. She has since stopped suggesting this soap.

What to do? Make this liquid hand soap. Now, I use the liquid hand soap as my facial cleanser and in the shower on my body. My husband uses it on his hair. One batch takes about 20 minutes to make, costs about $5, and lasts our family of four about a month. Added benefit? My skin is not nearly as dry as it used to be – it hardly needs moisturizing. Previously, I used four or five different lotion products and still had dry skin. Not any longer.

How to make liquid hand soap Go Gingham

Go ahead, try it and let me know what you think. There are three ingredients – and one you probably cook with already! Skip the packaging, the cost, and the chemicals with this easy to make liquid hand soap.

Are you concerned about chemicals in your soap? Have you ever made your own soap?

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4 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 29 {Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap}

  1. I love this recipe. I used two bars of the Dr. Bronner’s hard soap last time I made a batch in order to make it more bubbly. Not necessary, I just like more bubbles. It was a little more gloppy, but it still comes out of the dispenser just fine. I also added about an 1/8 of an ounce of lavender oil to mine to make it smell yummy. Be careful not to overdo the essential oils – you can add ’em in, but you can’t take them back out!


    1. So true on essential oils!
      Still missing our favorite essential oil spot in the ‘hood. I need to make pine air freshener for the basement (man cave) bathroom and my pine oil is gone 😦
      Thanks for writing in, Erin, and good tip on the double bar!


  2. I just love your tips and tricks, Sara! This soap will be SO much better, not least of which because my skin tends to run dry (side effect of living in the desert!)



    1. Ahhh….thanks, Heather!
      Sorry I’ve been behind on answering all the comments/questions so today you’re getting all of your answers! LOL!
      We just made another batch of soap this week. My husband uses it as his shampoo and face wash, too. Can’t remember if I mentioned that or not 🙂
      After it’s in the jug and cools, be sure and shake it to mix the oil in and combine it.
      Good luck!!


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