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7 Tips for Staying Fit and Exercising While on Vacation

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we can skip exercising while traveling. Whether you're a walker or a runner, incorporate exercise into your travel itinerary with these 7 tips for staying fit on vacation. 7 tips for staying active while traveling 1.  Get out :: Get outside and see the city or countryside where you've… Continue reading 7 Tips for Staying Fit and Exercising While on Vacation

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Trading Cars During a Home Exchange

When home swapping, many times the exchange involves trading cars as well. When you don't have rent a car while on vacation, that's another big money saver while traveling! With cars, insurance follows the car and having a home exchange partner drive your car is the same as letting a friend borrow your car. Only… Continue reading Trading Cars During a Home Exchange

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Costa Rica Travel: Eco-Tourism

For being such a small country, Costa Rica is amazingly ecologically focused. From unlittered roads, to restaurants and hotels - both large and small - each with a full complement of recycling bins. These outward signs, along with more than a quarter of the land area in the country designated as protected, both reserved as… Continue reading Costa Rica Travel: Eco-Tourism