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Free Drawing at Go Gingham

Very cute and sustainable lunch sack

To celebrate the official launch of my website, I’m giving away one of these adorable lunch sacks!  How can you enter into the drawing to win?  Do any of the three following:

  1. Leave a comment on Go Gingham during the month of December
  2. Sign up for the RSS feed (just click on one of the orange buttons)
  3. Share this website with 5 friends (just let me know you did this with a quick e-mail to Sara@GoGingham.com)

That’s it.  So easy.  I’ll mail the winner this very sustainable, extremely adorable, re-usable lunch sack.  It’s designed and made by me, out of oil cloth fabric.  Did I mention how cute it is?

If you’ve already done any of the above mentioned, edited something, or given me a suggestion, you’re already entered and I appreciate you!!  Thank you!

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13 thoughts on “Free Drawing at Go Gingham

  1. I appreciate you, Sara!
    You are doing such a great job with this website, your Family, creativity and everything else!
    I am really glad I have you guys in my life!


  2. I want to grab a fork and dig into that bird! mmmmm! Your website looks great and its a fun read! Congrats!


  3. Sara – I love your site! This will be one on my favorites list, to peruse during lunch. Keep up the good work and great tips.


  4. Sara how in the world do you find the time to do it all! You’re amazing. We definitely have to talk about the allowances thing sometime. We’re a bit behind on this concept and I’d love to get more details. . . .
    Great Job,


    1. Krysten, Thanks for the comment. You’re not behind on the allowance thing! It’s never too late to start! Stay tuned…


  5. Hi. I just found your website through Non-Consumer Advocate link and I really like it! I’ll be back. Thanks for the offer of the giveaway – and the bags are lovely! From what I’ve seen, I’m really looking forward to reading more.


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