Frugal and Easy Gifts

Frugal and Easy Gifts - Roses in CupGiving gifts to friends and family members is something I love to do. I’m always on the lookout for gifts when I’m “shopping” at my usual spots. By “shopping” I mean the haunts I frequent – garage sales, estate sales, and second hand stores. With a little imagination, simple sewing, and a spin in the washing machine, I’ve been able to put together stylish, frugal, lovely, and easy gifts.

Need some ideas for stylish, frugal, and easy gifts? Here are three do-it-your-self projects to get your creative juices flowing! They’re easy to give and the recipients will be happy – I promise!

Frugal and Easy Gifts

1.  Doll clothes made from newborn baby clothes. These little doll pants were sewn from newborn baby pajamas. Newborns wear this small size for such a short period, if at all, that the clothing is hardly worn. In most cases, it hasn’t even had enough time to be stained. I cut these little pants down along the side seams and then put a new (shorter) hem in the bottom. It helps to know the size of the doll when working on this project.  Find out total length of doll and then make pants 1/2 the size. Total time not including washing the garments was about 20 minutes.

Frugal and Easy Gift Giving - Doll PJs
These used to be infant pajamas that I sewed with my serger to make them doll-size. Super easy and super cute!

2.  Bags for the pre-school set. What pre-schooler doesn’t like to carry around the essentials with her? These bags were brand new (perhaps they were a cosmetic companies gift with purchase leftovers?) and I just bought initials to sew onto the outside.Notice how the letters I chose match the “feel” of the bag? They both have a collegiate, varsity look. Letters were stick-on but I sewed them onto the bag just to be sure they stayed put.

Frugal and Easy Gifts - Pink Bags with Letters
Adorable bags personalized with a letter!

3.  Silver cups for flowers. These silver cups are everywhere. You’re lucky if you can find them without engraved lettering but don’t let that deter you. They’re just right for taking flowers to a neighbor or giving to someone as a thank you. The pretty roses are from my yard. This is my go-to-gift.Frugal and Easy Gifts - Roses in CupYou don’t have to spend a lot of money to give heart-felt gifts to friends and family. Stylish, frugal, lovely gifts can be given quite easily. Just re-do it!  Go Gingham!

What are your stylishly frugal gifts you like to give? Do you have go-to-gifts?

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3 thoughts on “Frugal and Easy Gifts

  1. As you may already know, those silver cups are for mint juleps. I have one which I filled with color coordinated marbles, (thank you 6-year-old niece for organizing all my marbles) and use as a bookend. My other bookends are all small vintage Bauer bowls, (and a tiny Bauer teapot) filled with marbles.

    Very pretty.

    I am now looking forward to a post about letting out doll clothes to fit an adult woman. 😉



  2. When on garage sale runs, I always manage to pick up at least one small glass or porcelain vase. This is my go to gift. I also grow roses, and they bloom from May to October, although they get bedraggled and spotty towards the end. Neighbors and teachers love these! I have a whole stash of small garage sale or goodwill vases in my basement for this purpose. Thanks for the tip about the Julep cups, and the other tips!


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