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Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine's Day GiveawayIn honor of Valentine’s Day which is quickly approaching, Pro Flowers has a special gift for Go Gingham readers – a $50.00 gift card for you to spend at Pro Flowers.  My daughter just pointed out to me that not everyone wants flowers for Valentine’s Day and she’d rather have chocolate covered strawberries (oh, she’s so practical and I have no idea where she gets it!!) so you can choose – flowers or a $50.00 gift card to Shari’s Berries.  There are several ways to enter the drawing.  Leave a comment by answering one of the 3 questions and you can even earn bonus entries by Liking or Tweeting.  You may enter more than once.

Here are the questions:

  • What’s your favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day?
  • Do you have a favorite meal you like to prepare or do you like to go out instead?
  • Are you someone who likes flowers on Valentine’s Day or chocolate or something else all together?

Here are the rules:

  1. One entry per comment.  You can answer all 3 questions in separate comments, for separate entries.
  2. Drawing will be done by Random Number Generator.
  3. US residents only (sorry international readers.)
  4. Drawing will be Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 8am, PST.  The winner will be notified by e-mail.

Here are the bonus points:

  1. Like Go Gingham on Facebook
  2. Like Pro Flowers on Facebook
  3. Tweet this on Twitter or Re-Tweet

Win a $50 gift card to Pro Flowers for Valentine’s Day thanks to @ProFlowers and @GoGingham #Love #Giveaway  http://bit.ly/w6mBRp

Please leave an additional comment letting me know you did the bonus points so I can keep track.  Thanks and good luck.  If you don’t win, you can still enjoy 20% off your purchase at Pro Flowers by clicking here or Shari’s Berries by clicking here today.

Thank you to Pro Flowers for sponsoring this giveaway!  Comments are now closed.

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71 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. I love to spend Valentines Day with my husband and two boys. I will make us a good dinner and some kind of fun sweets….I’m not sure what yet : )


  2. Celebrating Lucy’s birthday on Valentine’s Day takes all the pressure off, but still makes it a really fun night. She’ll be 17 on this one and has pointed out she can now watch “R” rated movies. Yikes!


  3. Who is the poor person above who is allergic to chocolate? I think that person should win just because that’s cruel and unusual. But if I win, I will think of her as I sniff my flowers. 🙂 I’ll take any and all gifts any day – I’m not picky.


  4. I like my husband to prepare the meal on Valentine’s Day, and whenever he fixes a meal, it’s my favorite. Actually, last year he went over the top and made homemade dukkah and spinach and cheese gozleme. He even went so far as to find the recipes on the http://www.allrecipes.com AUSTRALIA website. He is a star.


  5. Yes, I am trying to get three entries. My favorite way to spend Valentine’s day is snuggled up on the couch with my husband watching a movie or else maybe playing Xbox games (but not shooting games). Now I shall go LIKE Pro Flowers for my 4th entry. Alas, I do not tweet – and you of all people, miss no microwave, should probably give a bonus entry to those of us who’ve resisted that, frankly. 😉


  6. I’ve been doing most of the cooking for the past few years so I will cook a Valentine’s dinner for my wife. I haven’t decided what to cook for the main dish yet, but I will be making creme brulee for dessert.


  7. Over chocolate, I’d actually prefer something homemade like for my husband to bake me something or for my kids to draw me a picture.


  8. I like to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day but my husband doesn’t! I usually barbecue steaks and make or buy a special dessert. I would rather receive a nice pair of earrings then flowers or candy.


  9. my favorite way to spend valentines day is watching movies with my boyfriend and eating chocolate


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